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  1. Doesn't work, with animateactiveitem you get the same animation for both ways.
    I just want the regular-ass sliding effects between the cards in a standard carousel!
  2. Thanx for your reply!

    I managed to fix the reset when i change tabs with setActiveItem().

    Still having problems with the slide effect though.
    I'm not using any custom effects nor custom CSS...
  3. I've got an application set up with 6 tabs in a tabview. 2 of these tabs are Carousels with images in them.
    Got 2 problems:
    1: When i switch cards inside the carousels, the animation only works...
  4. Anyone get a clue on how to make this happen?
    Was thinking that i might need a controller for this, but i can't really figure out how that controller would look :/
  5. Is it possible to link to a tab.Panel view and have the second or third (not the first) tabItem be selected?
    Currently i have a view that's linking to a tab.Panel that looks like this:

  6. Is it possible to have a view with a tabBar, and connect the tabs to show different views on click?

    Thankx in advance!
  7. I see your point. But i'm talking of a more basic approach to this, like having 4 buttons:

    One up
    One down
    One +
    One -

    This just to make it easier to scroll the iframe and maybe zoom in for...
  8. I need to know if i'm able to navigate a website through an iPad app created in Sencha Touch 2? I've tried with an iFrame, but loose to much control, or all of it!

    I was thinking if it's...
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    Was easier than i thought!

    I ended up doing buttons/images as buttons, and I created a function on tap that does the following:

    player = Ext.getCmp('video-player');...
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    Hey there,
    is it possible to recreate the basic youtube interface in ST2?
    With the video in the middle and the "related videos" or any kind of list of videos to the right?

    I've tried with vbox...
  11. Thanx for the reply man, but i've been going at this for a while now with the information you gave me and i really can't get it to work :/

    I don't really understand how im going to write the...
  12. Got some help from a friend! But im still not quite there..

    He told me to try this:


    But as a result i got...
  13. Sorry for this bump, but i really need to know if this is possible!

    Thanx for understanding.
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    Is it possible to achieve this effect in Sencha Touch 2?

    Or is it even possible to load external javascript into a panel in Sencha?
    Cant find...
  15. Hey guys,

    After 2 days of searching and trying all sorts of code snippets and explanations, i need to ask for some help here!


    On the...
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    Hi there!
    First of all Awesome job on the Facebook Menu!

    Im currently using it on one of my apps im developing, and i would like to know if there is any way of separating the list items in the...
  17. Great stuff! Working great. But if i want to link one of these images to one of the links in my menu?
    Any ideas on doing that?
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    Hi there!
    Im kinda new to Sencha Touch 2 but loving it so far. Gonna try to explain the problems i'm experiencing and hopefully you can help me!

    The project im working on is a Web app...
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