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  1. I'm having exactly the same problem, where did you modified code for change transactions to big chunks of code?

    Greetings from Mexico
  2. to use any ux plugin in sencha architect you can do this:

    Create a loader in Application
    Add in routes this:
    {'Ext.ux.touch' : 'app/ux'}
    or if you wanna be more specific:...
  3. yes, instead of use setRoot, use setData
  4. sorry for the late answer, but yes, it happens too in sencha Touch 2.1, I tried with 2.0.1 and 2.0 and doesn't happen this.

    some example:

    I have a Treestore with this code:
  5. REQUIRED INFORMATIONSencha version tested:

    Sencha Touch
    Browser versions tested against:


    When I tried to update to my nested list dissapeared,...
  6. Hi, I'm doing some form for my development and I'm trying to inject my questions into selects (pickers in iphone) but when I inject some <br> or \n in my code (some questions are larger than the...
  7. I used this solution:

    and adapted to my neededs (bad formed SOAP wsdl in the server side, different exceptions, etc) but it works real good
  8. Try to disable animation, there's a known issue with animation in some versions of android and nested lists or tab panels
  9. I had a similar situation some days ago. I generated a trigger when back button from nested list dissapears (is always present but when you're in root is hidden) and when back button is hidden...
  10. I'm generating 2 routes:

    ':id' : 'showViewById'
    that generates me:

    showViewById: function() {}

    'sub/:id' : 'showSubViewById'
  11. if you quit the url in settings you can use your own 2.0.1 sencha touch (or with another url, the version that you want)
  12. I'm trying to insert a route and I need the parameter that generates, but the route insert doesn't respect that. the function is created and if you try to insert manually params it says to you that...
  13. I cannot apply order: before or order:after to Controller Actions, but I can do it to View Events, what can I do? (I wanna have all my Events in Controllers to avoid call getController)

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    there's an option to create an Ext.field.field instead of Ext.field.text or another extension? there will be a lot of useful for an Ext.field that I did in ST1 and I', trying to port to ST2 with SA....
  15. thanks, that resolves my problem, this case can be closed.
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    as a workaround you can edit the metadata of that view for changing property from string to boolean

  17. I couldn't find tpl in any property of Sencha Touch button, I added it but now I need to add data (that is not in properties too) and I can't set it as an object, just as a string, I need to pass 2...
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