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    I am still receiving this error code even after resetting my password to Sencha Space.

    Is there someone that can add any additional guidance?

    Data Returned:

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    Resource interpreted as Script but transferred with MIME type text/plain: "chrome-extension://bmagokdooijbeehmkpknfglimnifench/firebug-lite.js". contentScript.js:92

  4. I was hoping to not have to use .Net as I am trying to do this for a mobile app.

    Looking to do Twitter/Facebook/Instagram.

    Being relatively new, the examples I have seen are not complete to...
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    Modified downloaded code to download Instagram JSON. Receiving following error:

    Uncaught ReferenceError: teagrams is not defined Templates.js:3

    (anonymous function)

    Any help is...
  6. I am trying to query a Twitter feed. Is there an example, URL/JSON with the new OAuth requirement? Receiving Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)
  7. Win 7 / 64 bit

    When executing "sencha app build native" after the production build, the process freezes. Nothing has
    changed except the new 2.0.1 release and beta2 to beta3.

  8. That worked. I keep mixing the Sencha Tools SDK terminology with the Sencha SDK terminology.

  9. Make sure your output directory and input directory do not overlap. These are mine. Also build the production instance before you do the native build. Mine went from over 10 MB to less than 2 MB....
  10. Windows 7 / 64 bit

    When trying to apply the latest upgrade, 2.0.1 Commercial download, I am receiving the following error messages.

    Sencha Command...
  11. I believe neither. Requiring Ext.Map.

    Ext.define('HCofC.view.location.Map', {

    extend: 'Ext.Container',
    xtype: 'locationMap',
  12. My application mapping works find during development and production build. The map directions do not show up on the native build to emulator and test phone. There is a line in the ADB log file...
  13. I am using a show event to display a map and it is firing twice.
  14. This thread can be closed. Following another thread on setting the display tab when clicking on a list item.
  15. I got it. It is one line of code with the html text replacement.


  16. Will this have to be set with a loop to bring out all the steps in the route?

    Is there a one-liner (or so) function call to set this?
  17. Yes.

    <html manifest="" lang="en-US">
    <meta charset="UTF-8">
    <title>Houston Campaign for Christ</title>
    <script>window.onerror = function(error) {...
  18. When creating a map, I was able to place the map on the desired tab. I am trying to place directions on another tab in a template by using the XTYPE reference and the DIV name. What am I missing?
  19. I was able to get this to work by using the show event. Now have to resolve clicking on 2 tabs to render the new map. How can I make the first tab active each time a new row is selected from the...
  20. I was able to get the map to draw correctly by inserting a show event with the code. The issue now is the tab on subsequent show will only refresh when the tabs are clicked between two tabs. I need...
  21. Is there a better way to update the map with the new coordinates as oppose to destroy/recreate? I tried the painted and show events to update the map, but I have not found a method or process to...
  22. Windows 7, 64 bit; 2.0.1 Beta and 2.0.0 RC

    I have a list on a tabpanel where two other buttons contain a map and map directions respectively.

    Given the issue with refreshing the map based on...
  23. This line of code in the index.html header will display a splash screen in Android.

    <img class="splash-wrapper" src="splash_screen.png"/>
  24. My xhr problem was solved when I stopped using Appmobi and used Sencha for all my development. I have just been able to process from build to phone deployment. A few functional things left, but the...
  25. Thanks Voloshyn.

    Buy using one of the default icons from an "sencha command" create process, everything is working from build to my phone.
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