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  1. I've tried, just for curiosity, with extjs 3.4.0 and my code, there, works.
    The very same code that, in 4.0.2a, gives "myContainer.add is not a function".
  2. I call it this way:

    createRadioGroup(pnlColSx, 'Testa', 'NR_30');

    The same code works it I pass, as the container, the form instead of the panel.
    The idea of the panel comes from the layout...
  3. PS
    forgot to tell i'm using ext js 4.02a
  4. Hi,
    I'm new to extjs. I'm trying to build a form with several radiogroups added dynamically but I am unable to achieve this.
    I've started from the checkbox and radiogroups example then modified to...
  5. It's difficult to me to be more specific since I am too new to ext js structure ..
    anyway I've seen an example like this

    buildUI : function() {
    cardPanel = new Ext.Panel({
  6. What confuses me is the app organization.
    For example, the pseudo code of the page could be something like this:

    // pseudo js code:

    if checkLoginCredentials(username, password) == ok then
  7. Hi,
    I am still learning ext. I have this requirement: users have different roles.
    Each role gives access to a subset of the app functions.
    In I would implement this using custom membership...
  8. Hi

    I too am evaluating ext js and I am interested in using both ext js and touch version.
    I am trying to develop a web page which is usable both from pc and from tablet.
    As far as I know the...
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