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  1. Hi, Kudos Slemmon,

    Thanks for Spending your time.

    The example you are given working fine and it is good work.

    Thanks and Regards
  2. Hi Slemmon,

    Thanks for Spending your time.

    I need to select the multiple items using Ext.ux.Multiselect without holding Ctrl key in Extjs.

    Your given solution is for Grid Panel, but I want...
  3. Hi,

    I have used the multiselectfield. Its good for selecting multiple items.

    But, I want to select items of "multiselectfield" without holding Ctrl key..

    give your suggestion which will be...
  4. Hi

    Can any body tell me , How to Display the "loading.." message when
    Grid store(data coming from the Data Base) is loading..?

  5. Finally got the solutions...:D

    i have implemented my own function similar to usMoney() format...
  6. Hi

    i want to add an extra button for specific column of grid header menu.
    As we know each column have the 3 predefined Columns ('Sort Ascending', 'Sort Descending', 'Columns').

    if i...
  7. Hi

    I want to display the Number in Indian Currency Format.


  8. Kudos Farish,,,

    Every thing Working good,,

    It Was Great Work. =D>

  9. Hi

    I have an requirement that , i want to display an Alert box ("No Records") & collapse/minimize the Grid if the Grid contains No data..

    Actually we are able to display the Error message...
  10. Thank You slemmon,,,

    its working .....:-?
  11. Hi,

    i have some requirement where i want to specify our own intervals for
    Extjs single slider.

    i, e , I want to define a slider with some values like (Jan, Feb, Mar, April, May etc...)...
  12. How to Reload the pie chart dynamically

    my requirement is i have given the list of options in combo box. based on selection the pie chart have to display with corresponding details.

    i tried to...
  13. Thank You friend,

    Here am sending code snippet ....

    <td width="86%">
    <div id="mcs4_container"...
  14. Hi

    I Have design a form with ExtJs.

    My Form contains more than 15 fields, but i have restricted the form
    height by specified value.(in Pixel).

    The problem is:
    when i fill the data in...
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    Great Work.. Its Working Absolutely fine
  16. Replies
    Hi mitchellsimoens

    Thank you very much ....:-?
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    mouse cursor....
  18. Replies
    Hi ,

    I want to Hide cursor in the Textfield using Extjs.
    Please help me

    any help would be appreciated..

    thanx in advance
  19. Hi mitchellsimoens,

    Thanks for your reply,

    can you please suggest me the links for third party plug-ins, or any reference resources....
  20. Hi

    Please have a look at this article...
  21. Hi suzuki1100nz

    Thank you for your replay.

    But i have found some Posts which are helpful to export Extjs Grid to .pdf, .xls formats..

    am trying to apply the same, but it will not work out...
  22. Hi

    Does Extjs Supports to export an Extjs Grid/Form into MS-Word Format..?
    Am using Java as server side programming language.

    any help would be appreciated.
  23. Hi ,

    I Want to convert a Extjs Grid/Form to MS-Word Format.
    does Extjs Support this conversion..?
    if support, please provide Information to resolve this problem.

    Am using Java as Programming...
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