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  1. Hello Mitchel,
    We commented the custom style sheet entry and still see the problem. With attached code you can reproduce the problem on any ICS phone. Any help on this is going be much...
  2. I just tested the same code using Driod 3, Android 2.3.4 and it works fine. Looks like this is happening only on Samsung galaxy S3.
  3. Hi Mitchel,
    I am not sure how to generate code using BBTags. Could you please let me know how I can incorporate BBtags into code. I was able to reproduce this even with out our custom css files....
  4. I just updated my application to Sencha 2.1 commercial version and I see an issue with fieldset. If a panel has Toolbar and a Fieldset and If I scroll the fieldset it goes on Toolbar. I saw same...
  5. Hi Mitchellsimoens,
    Did you get a chance to look at this issue?

  6. //<debug>
    'Ext': '../../src'

    * This example is a simple demo of some of the form and field components in Sencha Touch.
    * It also shows how you...
  7. Hi Mitchel,
    I dont want to set HBOX to whole fieldset. I want to have whole fieldset in VBOX and few of the fields in fieldset should be in HBOX. If you look at my code you can see that. I am...
  8. we have multiple views in our app and few of them have fieldsets.we had to implement hbox configuration for few of the fieldsets. This was working fine before 2.1, but now it doesn't work. Here is...
  9. Ext.define("ICEApp.view.CloseSubCase1", {
    extend : 'Ext.form.Panel',
    xtype : 'closesubcase1',
    config : {
  10. My application has multiple views. Couple of view have 2 Toolbars and a fieldset. When a fieldset is big I have to scroll down to enter the data and I see it is overlaying second toolbar when I...
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