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    For some reason when use the dom to dynamically load a grid the DIV for the actually grid is not getting removed, but seem to get corrupted. So for a quick fix I changed one line in ext-all-debug.js....
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    Yea I'm stuck in IE since of course it works fine if FireFox/Safari. :D

    Thanks I wasn't aware of debugbar. I am reloading the grid definition code each time. I'm also doing the Ajax call each time...
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    My site is setup so that most of the common stuff is loaded once in the head of the document (Ext, Prototype, Scriptaculous, etc.). I load different content into the dom with Ajax.Updater.
    I have a...
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    I am using 1.1. I would like to go to 2.0 over time. However I have an immediate problem. I have another js library that I'm using on the same page as an ExtJS form. The problem is that the other js...
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    I have a grid that shows the items of an order. The last column is the extended price. I would like to put the order total below that column in the footer so that it lines up with the column data. Is...
  6. I need to set a value for an extra parameter I want to return with the file. This value is set from a combobox. I have the combobox and a listener which gets called when the combobox value changes....
  7. Thanks. I did multiple searches of the forums and couldn't find anything that looked like the solution. Also as I'm thinking of putting this on almost every field of my form I will probably what to...
  8. Is there a supported/standard or example of putting a little button with a question mark next to a field such that when pressed it will pop up a help dialog?
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    If you supply a value: to initialize the field to and select onValidate you get a condition where the validation is called before this.remoteCheckIcon is initialized. Other than that, Light is Green,...
  10. Thanks. I thought I would have to rap the fields in a layout or something. How do I wrap a set of field tag in a div? Is there some call that says output raw html here?
  11. I have a form that has a payment fieldset. In this fieldset I have a popup menu with choices for payment type. One of the payment types is Check, the others are all different CC. What I need to...
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