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    I have a validation on the grid data. if any cell value changes , afteredit event will be fired and some validation message will be there. something like this

    grid.on('afteredit', function(e)...
  2. Hi
    is there any way that we can commit only single cell in the grid instead the entire row
  3. Hi
    I tried to clear the style of EXt form field 'ComboBox' so that I can have look and feel similar to the other html elements on the page. How can we do that?How can we apply the regular html style...
  4. Hi
    I have a scenario where function2 will be called after function1. but function1 is an ajax request and is taking time to complete. Before function 1 completes, function2 is getting completed. Is...
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    I dont see the data inside the array after I pass the xmlDocument to DomQuery. Can you take a look at the below code and suggest if you see anything wrong.

    v var docStr;...
  6. Hi guys
    I have an array reader with values like

    Ext.exampledata.recordValues = [
  7. thanQ for duplicate removing duplicate thread.
  8. Hi it works fine in Ext2.2.1 but not in Ext2.0 any suggestions
  9. Hi
    I have an xml like

  10. Hi
    ThanQ. It worked so well after removing title. But now I see the outer border. I want to make the border zero also. which css I need to modify?
    ThanQ once again
  11. Hi
    How can we remove header from Ext.panel using CSS code.
    This is what I am doing
    #payeeTab .x-panel-header {
    background: none;

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    thanQ. it worked
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    I have a problem with the listener i attached to combo box. here is my code
    Ext.each(checkboxRecords, function(rec)
    dataArray.push({labelSeparator: '',boxLabel:...
  14. Hi
    It may take some time to get the license for Ext2.2.1 but this requirement shud be done before that.
  15. Hi
    I have a requirement to create check box group kind of item using Ext2.0. We dont want to upgrade to 2.2.1 right now. Is there any way that I can create this checkboxgroup using ext2.0 with...
  16. Hi All,
    I created list box with
    new Ext.form.ComboBox({,
  17. Hi

    I need some help to figure it out to add some components like textfield dynamically to exisiting div element. Here is what i am trying to do

    var textfield = new Ext.form.TextField({
  18. I am fairly new to Ext JS framework. trying to understand how we can do scenario is
    i am doing something like this.

    var gridDataRecords= mygrid..getStore().getRange();...
  19. hi
    I need help or suggestion on how to change the style of the background of certain cells after grid is populated with the data. I am new to UI side and trying to understand Ext JS
    Ur help/advice...
  20. Thanks for all ur suggestions. If I call method2 after method1 and if method1 takes considerable amount of time, because javascript is asynchronous , second method starts getting executed. Method1 is...
  21. Hi
    I have 2 methods to be called one after another inside javascript. how can I make second call to wit until the first call to a method finishes its execution. i want it to be done using Ext...
  22. Hi
    I have 2 methods to be called one after another inside javascript. how can I make second call to wit until the first call to a method finishes its execution. i want it to be done using Ext...
  23. Guys need ur help. I had a html textbox element along with div tag something like

    <input type="textbox" value="" name="claimItem" id="claimItem" onclick="onLoad()" />

    <div id="myGrid"></div>....
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    I found that root element is missing for my XML . I got it after placing some root element but its working only in FF not in IE browser.Please advise.
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    I was checking through debugging mode and found that

    var dataStore = new{
    proxy: new{url: 'sampleXML.xml'}),

    after executing the above...
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