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  1. Great, thanks for fixing, and for the feedback :)
  2. This should help. Add to your Container/Component or whatever...

    setupEventHandlers: function(){
    this.mon(this.el, {
    tap: function(e){
  3. Thanks for the reply. I was really interested in setting up and handling both doubletap and tap on one component, without them interfering with each other! The problem is that tap always gets called...
  4. Thanks guys.

    My bad, I phrased my question wrong :S

    I'm really interested in how you tell the difference between which event was raised, "tap" seems to always get called. I tried a couple of...
  5. Hi folks

    I want to handle tap, doubletap and taphold separately for a single component, is there a code sample anywhere, I've not been able to nail it!

  6. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for taking a look Tommy, and great that you like the Kanban board :)

    I'll keep fiddling and see if I can sort it, or get a better code sample.

  8. Not that everything appears fine when scrolling horizontally, it's just a vertical scroll that doesn't produce expected results.
  9. Hi there

    We have a problem where items are not rendering below the visual fold.

    We have a board where items sometimes flow out of the visible area. Then, the touches to drag the bottom of the...
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    Check out the Solitaire example. It uses a Store + LocalStorageProxy to interoperate with the SQLite db.

    It's cool to watch it happen in the Safari storage viewer :)

  11. No examples, but I'd consider this...

    Use MVC to create a RESTful API, that returns JSON payloads. Stuff like


    I find it helps to write some unit tests...
  12. Look at PhoneGap, Appcellerator Titanium or Rhomobile.

    These are solutions that let you wrap up HTML5 into distributable native apps, aka "hybrid" apps.

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    We're working on a Digital Touch-based Kanban board for our company, to visualise WIP across multiple projects. It pulls data from our PM systems.

    The goal is to stick it on a 100" touch LCD...
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    Thanks. You're right, it was pretty straight forward.

    //a select box that can be updated really easily
    // E.g
    // var s = Ext.getCmp('my-select-box')
    // s.updateOptions([{text: '1',...
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    You could try moving this....

    ...further down the script?
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    Bump on this one.

    I'm wondering if it would be easier to break away from the Component model and just use regular jQuery-style DOM mashing?

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    Hi folks

    I'm wanting to implement pinch to zoom using Sencha Touch.

    As an example, if you take the Solitaire demo app and imagine that the user can pinch to zoom in or out on the board, and...
  18. I have a store declared as:

    MyProj.Data.Cards = new{
    model: 'Card'
    proxy: new{
    id: 'cards-proxy'
  19. I have a Container, that I cann removeAll on. This, in turn calls destroy on the contained items.

    However, I'm getting an error on ext-touch-debug.js, line 13937. The error says:

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    Interested in this too.
  21. This is a case of conflict detection vs conflict prevention. Both have pros and cons. If conflicts can happen often or have serious consequences, then the preventative approach that djfiii suggested...
  22. There's loads of good information on this subject matter, so I'd do a search for "concurrency" and "locking" in google, and you'll get loads of hits.

    A good starting reference is the concurrency...
  23. My ExtJS application needs a simple, lightweight SQL code editor with syntax highlighting that can handle large scripts.

    I've scoured around and found a few good examples, and an article. Anyone...
  24. Cool, didn't know that. Will look into it!
  25. This tip might save a newcomer to Ext or Javascript a bit of time.

    I just read this great post by Jack for the 3rd time, and it's finally sinking in.

    One thing in particular is working out...
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