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  1. Hi All Pune Sencha Lovers,

    Should we start sencha meet-ups in Pune?

  2. I am also facing same problem
    Any issue?
  3. I wanted to attach my file but couldn't do due to size limit. One should have 2 copies - one for release and another for debug.

    With manual logs, I can see following disadvantages:
    1. Developer...
  4. Approach:
    I dig into Sencha framework and figure out that entire framework lies inside Ext global variable, it gave me hint that there must be only one function which should create any sencha class...
  5. I am not sure but I believe
    42326 is column no in minified app.js
  6. Problem must be some other place than in the script.
  7. Replies
    Well, I tried sencha app create xyz ./xyz command to create new sencha application. Then I just change development.js to production.js. And I got the error. So it means it must be bug. I can get same...
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    SDK version? Did you get any example in SDK in working state with production.js?
  9. When I change development.js to production.js or testing.js in examples provided (e.g. Kitchensink, O'Reilly),
    I get same error. Is it Sencha Touch bug?
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