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  1. So I dug into the ext debug file where the load method fires, specifically into the recordCreator method which is where my particular error was being fired:

    load: function(options) {
  2. So I'm running into an issue again.

    I'm refactoring my code so that I can load a model record from the main global controller from a route:

    Ext.define('Registration.controller.Main', {...
  3. Ah cool. Thanks for pointing that key out.

    I have a couple of other listeners that I'm adding to so I wrote out my listeners like this:

    afterlayout: {
  4. Ah, thanks. That got me up and running.

    var view = this.getView();
    var eventId = view.getEventId();
    var record = new Registration.model.SessionDetails({id: eventId});...
  5. I've got a model with a rest proxy defined:

    Ext.define('Registration.model.SessionDetails', {
    extend: '',
    fields: [
    { name: 'id', mapping: 'recid'},
  6. I've got a container class that I would like to apply a mask to while the store that drives the components is loaded:

  7. Hey Joel,

    Sorry for the late reply. I refactored the code and fixed the loading. I don't remember exactly what fixed it (I'm working against a fast approaching deadline), but it's working now!
  8. Nice. That tightens stuff up quite a bit. I'll add that into the refactor. Thanks!
  9. Woof. One of those refactors should be taking the data out of the new data keys out of the viewmodel and moving them to properties of the viewcontroller.

    Aside from the selected date and the...
  10. Here's the refactor if anyone is interested:


    I'm sure there is more that can be refactored to streamline this code (and I'll do some of it), but this at least gets the functionality I'm...
  11. Nevermind nevemind.

    I submitted this thread, walked away, came back, sat down, and thought about how I would answer this question and it hit me: I'm trying to accomplish something with viewmodel...
  12. I'm building a simple calendar into my application and I'm running into a hurdle that I'm not sure the best way of getting over.

    Here's a general prototype of the part I'm stuck on:


  13. Are there instructions anywhere on how to add Calendar Pro into an Extjs 6 project?

    I've been reviewing the example provided by the 6 sdk and it isn't clear (to me at least) how I would...
  14. I'm having a really odd problem when I use `Ext.create()` to make a new window.

    I have a method in my viewcontroller that creates a new window and triggers the loading of data via the linkTo...
  15. I have a method on my controller that fires when a grid in my app is itemclicked.

    When the grid row is clicked, I create a new instance of a details window widget, grab it's viewmodel, and...
  16. It's declared on line 36.

  17. Ah, ok that makes sense.

    That's what I get for rushing through the documentation. After you pointed that out I went back through the page and saw that what you explained was definitely explained...
  18. *facepalm*

    When I read the comments in the package.json file, I saw it's example of "extend": "parent-theme-package" and assumed that the "parent-theme-package" part was a value that caused sencha...
  19. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Quick question regarding that section of the documentation. I get the idea of creating a mixin and passing in parameters that override it's `ui` properties, e.g.:
  20. Gotcha, I forgot that about autoLoad.

    That said, I'm still getting a GET request, though now it's looking for the viewmodel.

    The requires property for the viewmodel class matches the class...
  21. I've run into this a couple of times when building out quick demos and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

    I'll set up a simple grid with it's store bound to a viewmodel, a viewmodel with inline...
  22. I have a border layout in my viewport. Within the border layout, I have a "header" section and a "navigation" section.

    The folder structure looks like this:


    I'm trying to add style to...
  23. @evant, I was having a problem implementing the the event firing/listening between a child and parent view that you showed earlier in this thread. I spotted the difference, adjusted my code and it...
  24. I'm working on a prototype of an image gallery in extjs 6.

    I've got the basic layout setup, but I'm not sure how (or if I can) add a click listener to each of the tiles in the gallary:

  25. Nevermind, I figured it out. The answer was in my initial question the whole time :/

    *facepalm*, just make the window a child of the panel:

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