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    I was still hoping to get some help on this. I'm just simply trying to get the index.html in http://localhost/views/index.html (returned by node.js) and the app in http://localhost//static/*...
  2. I was able to force the loader to grab controllers by requiring all of them from the package instead of letting the microcontroller grab the wrong location (by over-nesting the...
  3. The sad part is Sencha Cmd knows where to get the files since the 'production' mode works fine, and bootstrap.json is correct:
  4. Hey thanks for the suggestion, but the issue is the controller itself is not being sourced. Even if I have no views defined at all, it doesn't source.
  5. Environment:
    Sencha Cmd: v5.1.1.39
    ExtJS: 5.1.0 commercial

    I've got a single package, and a single app. I've named the app "App" for now. Eventually, I'd like to have two Extjs apps (running...
  6. +1 on this for making a package that inherits from any base Extjs code (in my case Ext.panel.Panel). I am using Sencha Cmd v5.1.1.39.

    This should *really* get added to the docs:
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    The Ext.Loader looks like its correctly finding the path, even though it does source the wrong one:


    Still no...
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    I was able to hand-edit the bootstrap.json file (which I know will be overriden) and replaced:

    .. ,{"path":"../static/App/app.js"}


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    Sencha Cmd: v5.1.1.39
    ExtJS: 5.1.0 commercial

    I'm trying to build a new Ext 5.1 app using Node.js. Everything is loading fine in the browser when using the index.html file and...
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    " wki01
    Any plans to upgrade for 5 ExtJS? "

    I switched from using this plugin to the built-in items property of a column that takes an array of fields. It lacks event listeners (keyup to catch...
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    I see that it is indeed stacked and not clustered. I do see the icons though. I'd suggest posting this in the bugs forums and detail your browser version (I'm chrome 34 on linux for example).
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    Hey on the latest 4.2.2 release, and latest firefox its not throwing any errors for me. You might want to create a full Sencha Fiddle example, with firefox version, and extjs version. As this isn't...
  13. Hey sorry to hear that. I'd suggest, as I alluded to above, getting the exact browser version (including any compatibility/emulation mode, OS, and a screenshot (blur out any specific data) - and...
  14. Kaya,

    It was only happening in Internet Explorer 10 when you switch to IE9 mode (in the developer tools). It is possible your customer has configured to do that, but that seems pretty unlikely. ...
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    When I first saw Extjs html-based charts, it was very exciting but has certainly been very stagnant since then in terms of chart types although lots of little axis-scaling, legend, and layout tweaks...
  16. No, not compat mode - I didn't even test that. I'm saying just IE10's IE9 standards mode (the emulated browser) doesn't work for that use-case. Anyways, its still an edge case and I don't suspect...
  17. Darn. It happens in IE10's IE9 mode (as you can see in the screenshot above), but I did double-check with a vm player instance of raw IE9 and its not happening.

    Thats the first time I've seen...
  18. Definitely not cached, I checked Ext.getVersion() in the developer tools. Here is a full link:

    the key is its the...
  19. Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.2.2 final release (
    Browser versions tested against:


    Collapsible panel display incorrectly
    Steps to reproduce the problem:
  20. Yes, my nightly build of 4.2.2 fixed many of the 4.2.1 issues also. The release notes in progress for it have a huge list of bug fixes!
  21. "For example if am having 500 records whether it will affect the performance?"

    Yes, 500 rows is generally slow (especially for older computers). If your target is chrome/ff/safari on modern...
  22. Browser: Chrome 26
    Ext version: 4.2.1

    If you group a grid reconfigured with a new store, clicking group headers to collapse/expand causes script errors out and additionally the groupingsummary...
  23. OK thanks for the reply, and better method to setting grouping. Maybe the original issue is still something that could/should be fixed too, but it brings up two interesting points:

    1) The...
  24. Browser: Chrome 26

    Go to the grouping summary example running 4.2.1:

    Open the console and paste...
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    It works in 4.2 after I changed this in two places:

    var columns = this.grid.headerCt.getGridColumns(true);

    to this:

    var columns = this.grid.headerCt.getGridColumns();

    I'll need to go...
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