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  1. Thanks for reply,

    But I want to use in extjs 3.4
  2. Hi All,

    I want to know can i use sencha touch 1.0.1 with extjs 3.4.
  3. Hi all ,

    I want to know that Extjs 3.4 premium support cast and details description .
  4. Hi support Team,

    I want to add/remove dynamically columns on the basic of grid store. Suppose grid store has three node like C1,C2,C3 then i want to create the three column and add last of the...
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    Thanks a lot Condor for doing this utility.

    But i want to add one extra thing how to map the dynamically record and another things is how to add xtype actioncolumn in this case .

  6. Thanks for reply ,

    Here is my code which i am using :

    var appManager = new Ext.Panel({
    title: 'My Panel',
    items : [new Ext.tree.TreePanel({...
  7. I have a tree panel which have 10 childrens .I want to select default third child of them. what can i do . I am using this code for select but its not work.

    var root =...
  8. Hi everyone ,

    I want to upgrade our project extjs 3.4 to 5 . I want to details information about it.
  9. thanks
  10. hi every one,

    i have a function in i want to execute some line after that the worker thread sleep some time after that execute next line .
    please suggest me how to do this type of things in...
  11. Ext.onReady(function(){

    function addressCounter(incr) {
    if (! { = 0;
    } else { = + 1;
  12. here is my code which is working for add but not working for remove:

    Ext.onReady(function(){ Ext.QuickTips.init(); function addressCounter(incr) { if (! { =...
  13. key values means when i put one value in one field and another value next field .
  14. hi every one ,

    i am using extjs 3.4 and i have a requirement in a from panel add dynamically key value field as well as remove those key value also .
    i want some example code to add this...
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    i am really happy to your answer .thanks you very much for the help.
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    i have seen many framework but all is paid and i want to open source help for funnel chart .If you are know any framework please suggest me.

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    can i implement it any other way in extjs .
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    hi ,

    i want to make funnel chart in extjs .Please tell me how to make it .
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    hi i am also want to change the grid color on the basis of record type . i am using the view Config of grid to change the color of the row according to the condition add the custom css. Here is the...
  20. thanks for reply ,
    but i am use the orientation but my graph has no changes here is the image of my graph i want it vertical.45143
  21. hi every body ,
    i am using extjs 3.4 stackedbarchart and i want to horizontal stackedbarchart ,i am confuse how to set the property here is my code :

  22. thanks for reply .

    but i want to load the store only one time after that if i refresh the store for the same parameter . its load the data from cache . when i change the parameter its go the...
  23. hi ,

    i have .store i want to load it first time after that its load data from cache not loading the ajax call .
    here is my code in where i have using it.

  24. hi ,
    i am using the extjs 3.4 and i want to select the multiple rows in a grid so i see the example the link given below:
  25. hi i am using extjs 3.4 add try to add remove compositefield in a fieldset in a fromPanel error is an endless loop occur .

    here is my code :
    xtype: 'fieldset',
    title: 'Room Properties',...
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