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    Just the same naming. Sencha has nothing to do with Bootstrap the framework.

    According to Wikipedia:

    Wikipedia has a longer explanation of the relation to software development as well, but...
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    Sencha has recently created a variety of resources that help to address those questions:
    - "Analyzing the ROI of JavaScript in Enterprise Software Development" (Oct 2014 webinar)...
  3. Link is fixed, sorry about that. As you point out, the website migration had a few quirks ~o)
  4. Ok, please check from your home network and see if it works.

    Alternatively you might try using the "-debug" flag:

    sencha -debug app refresh -packages
  5. So to be clear, here is what I've just done.

    I downloaded/installed the latest beta version of Cmd (, part of the early access stuff).

    I ran the following command to generate a test...
  6. Did you follow the directions from this blog post to add the package from our Cmd repo?

    Specifically, this part:

  7. Yes, we've upgraded our entire website to a new backend, so posting comments to blog posts should (now) work!
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    Awesome, we tried really hard to exceed expectations at the event and I'm thrilled we were able to do so!

    Don't take the fact the JetBrains plugin will be ready before Architect supports Ext...
  9. Glad you got it working, disturb me anytime!
  10. I put together a Fiddle for you:

    First of all, you need to use an XTemplate -- not just a regular template. This allows you to loop over the items in the...
  11. I have asked one of the engineers who worked on the plugin to respond when he has time later today. Thanks for testing it!
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    I'm glad you enjoyed the "good" parts of the meetup last night. I was responsible on Sencha's side for helping to organize the meetup (obviously with the help of the organizers from The San...
  13. Can you post the code you're using, or create a Sencha Fiddle? That will allow me to help you more accurately.
  14. Correct, the "itemTpl" config will replicate that template once per item in the store as "itemTpl" is essentially the template for each item. Apparently you don't want that :-)

    Let's back up for a...
  15. I would encourage you to delay calling that flipbook.init() method until you can be sure all of the dataview items have rendered. Check the API docs to see if there's an event on DataView which fits...
  16. Off the top of my head, I'd say the problem is that you're calling flipbook.init() (inside the XTemplate member function) before your dataview items (the images) have loaded.

  17. Our current website is running on Expression Engine, which has a lot of issues (please don't get me started). We're in the process of trying to replace it.

    FWIW even I have trouble logging into it...
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    That's basically "business casual" these days. If you would wear it to work on casual Friday, it's likely to be just fine. We simply don't want anyone to violate our Code of Conduct -- otherwise...
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    Ok, good.

    As I said earlier, this is true in mosts cases because (in most cases) people aren't using Architect as part of a CI process. Because Architect cannot be run from the command-line,...
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    Did you enable Sencha Cmd for your Architect project?

    If so, it's possible you did not commit the...
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    Ok, so there's a few things going on here.

    (1) You're using Sencha Architect, so that .xds file is not an executable/binary. In most cases Architect doesn't require you to put your .js files under...
  22. Take a look at this Fiddle:

    Does that help you?
  23. Hi Don,

    I need your help to clarify what "Azure WebAPI" actually is, because I can't find that exact product name on the Azure website. I see Azure API Management...
  24. I recently had a discussion with our Engineering team about this -- and while I don't have any specifics, we opened a user story (EXTJS-17090) in our bug tracker to address this soon.

    I agree it's...
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    Just a few minutes ago, Sencha hit 1 million total posts in these forums!


    I've been a part of this community since 2008 -- nearly 7 years -- and I am so proud that we continue to grow!
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