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  1. I was able to simplify this and not completely duplicate the old constructor with this:

    * Override constructor so filters
    * are properly replaced, not appended...
  2. This got it working on my Fedora 15 x86_64 installation. Thanks for the tip!
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    I've just come across this same requirement and I was implementing it almost the same way as senacle above, though initially I just tried to send the grid store data as a param in the form.submit()...
  4. Argh... Adding the fields config took care of it. Are there plans to add the ability to configure the fields for the store in the Designer? Maybe an auto-populate capability based on the fields...
  5. As a quick follow-up, some debugging has turned up that part of my problem is in the readRecords() method in the JsonReader. Some extra, unused variables were tossing an exception. That bug is...
  6. I've created a simple form w/ ED that has two ComboBoxes pulling from a JsonStore (all defined w/ ED). I have it all running via my web server but when I activate the combo to populate, it makes the...
  7. Just sent via e-mail.

    I also just pulled down the example projects and when I loaded up the Forms.xds and viewed the ComplexForm, I got the same message. It also has TabPanels as did my stuff so...
  8. I just installed ExtDesigner on Fedora 12 x86_64 and it failed to start due to a missing library dependency on F12 currently has openssl 1.0 which provides ...
  9. I just started getting this as well. Anytime I modify a component it seems to pop up.
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    Ok, using Ext 3.0.3 and FileUploadField from 3.0.3 with the two added methods, the successful upload JSON response is not being handled properly. The file is uploaded, and the backend is returning...
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    Incorporating all of these bits to make this work with Ext 3.0 is almost working for me. If I do not incorporate the FileUploadField, it sort-of works but when I add a file, the window doesn't...
  12. I've tackled this problem with my app by encapsulating out the form address handling into a reusable class. It makes it so I have only a few hooks in the main form handler for it.

    Here's the...
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    You have the Combobox as type 'local', which means you need to call;

    If you set it to 'remote', it will load itself the first time it is expanded.
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    Please don't pass a SQL query from the client directly to the webserver, with no validation. That's gaping security hole that will get you totally owned. Use the params/baseparams to pass a query...
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    I just noticed the new form tutorial and wonder if it may not be making things harder than they need to be. It seems that it's creating the data store and using to load the data and manually...
  16. I am currently pulling a set of data back via JSON and would like to be able to dish out specific branches of it to different objects, namely a JsonView and a Grid. For the JsonView, I currently do...
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