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    for me the solution was to ensure the flex value for all the items in the container were set. One of my sub-containers didn't have a flex value and that screwed everything up
  2. I am trying to detect if an Ext.List is being scrolled down vs up by user and by how much.

    Also trying to detect if I have reached the end of a Ext.List

    Ideas on how to achieve?
  3. Btw, the name of the presentation is :

    Curing Multi-Device Disorder with Profiles and Platform Detection
    BRUNO TAVARES • Friday, July 19th, 2013, 9:30am-10:20am • Northern Hemisphere A1/A2
  4. I believe there was a presentation on this at SenchaCon 2013. I'd check for the video of the presentation on vimeo. Sorry, I don't have the link as I'm on a mobile right now.
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    Solved it, I moved the root folder of the project to another folder(not UI). So when I try to publish, there is no folder by that name and it chokes.
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    I was using Sencha Architect to publish my app. All of sudden I can no longer publish. Here is the error I get in the console window.

    building file list ... done
    rsync: mkdir...
  7. Although that is moving closer to a solution, the problem with this solution is that the Child Container#1 now takes up more space than it needs.

    What I was looking to do to make sure that the...
  8. I have a parent container which contains two child containers using vbox layout. I don't want the child containers to scroll independently. When I scroll any part of the parent container vertically,...
  9. What is the difference between these two tools? I installed both now I can't tell heads or tails:
  10. wait, nevermind! I had some whitespace issues! Your suggestion worked!
  11. This is what I have and it doesn't work. I get a grey border but the image inside the border don't get displayed.

    <div class="photoframe"><img class="photo" src="{photo_url}" width="40"...
  12. There is a class called Ext.img which has all sorts of events for doing just this. The problem is I have no idea how to use it in a Ext.List.
  13. I have a contact list app which has a Ext.List which contains items of Name of person and their photo. Since I am packaging the app, I want to make it so that while the image is being downloaded from...
  14. this was caused by the simulator that had crashed
  15. I'm getting a bizarre message which makes no sense when I try to deploy my project to the simulator from Sencha Architect. :((:((:((:((:((

    Ideas anyone?

    Here is the error:

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    The iPhone's Facebook app also has a peek window for navigation which allows for a larger list of options. Just writing to highlight another example to show where this feature has been used...
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    The new BlackBerry 10 has a cool concept of a Peek Window which sometimes is a called a Context Window. For example javascript framework BBUI.js has a window that slides in from the right giving a...
  18. I am seeing the exact same error on my PC. Anyone found any solution?
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    I am still trying to figure this out. In the Sencha Architect 2 example below, I am trying to figure how to add a onTap listener to my HTML of the Ext.Label when a user Taps "click here"(I want to...
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    How do I add an onTap listener for a Ext.Label component in Architect for Sencha Touch 2?
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    I am trying to make it so that a user can tap on a Ext.Label component and the controller is called so that I can change a card.

    It appears to me that a label does not have a onTap listener, so I...
  22. I am converting ST1 code to ST2, how the heck do this in Sencha Touch 2?


    I was able to get...
  23. Was this question ever answered? I too am looking for a way to do device profile in Sencha Architect 2.

    The docs describe how to do it in Sencha Touch 2, but not sure how to do it in Architect 2?...
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    The deploy button should ask your if you want to save your project. It's really annoying when you think you have made a change that you think is not being realized but all that is happened is that...
  25. Is there a workaround in Sencha Architect anytime I need a space of flex=1 between two items?
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