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  1. I have a html element in a view .. like the following code. how can I fire the tap event on <a> in that element?

    Ext.define("priceit.view.FeedbackView", {
    extend: "Ext.form.Panel",
  2. So I have a List inside a view, it use itemTpl to create customized item template.

    this.list = Ext.create('Ext.List', { xtype: 'gameList',
    title: 'Game List',
  3. Anyone can explain some details ?
  4. Thank you so much !! i just figured out. i used self-defined populate function to load the data which it never fired load event. Now i did it manually by calling "self.fireEvent("load");" so it works...
  5. It doesn't work. I tried what u said just let it remove the mask automatically... but it never happened ... Is there anyway i can remove it manually?
  6. I have a question about set list masked. Here is my code. I use "masked" to gray out the list before data get loaded. But how can I remove the mask afterward?

    I tried to listen to the event...
  7. I am trying to use sencha cmd v3 to build app
    i am running the command "sencha app build " inside the app directory(same dir with app.js)
    and i have some errors show up

    Sencha Cmd v3.0.0.230...
  8. Replies
    I have these following bug when i try to build the app using sencha cmd v3 , any idea?

    [ERROR] def was null
    [ERROR] failed to find meta class definition for name proxy.sqlitestorage...
  9. I am using the SQLite Proxy for sencha touch 2( , when I trying to build the app using sencha cmd v3. i have following error..

    [ERROR] def...
  10. ERROR] def was null
    [ERROR] failed to find meta class definition for name proxy.sqlitestorage

    Can anyone help me here?
  11. Ext.define("priceit.view.PurchaseView",
    extend: "Ext.Panel",
    config: {
    fullscreen: true,
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