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    The group hasn't gotten together but there is another JavaScript group that meets in the DFW area.

    Dallas.JS and there is a Java Web Technology group that meets in Plano.

    Can look them up on...
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    Small status update.

    My company is trying to get things cleared up to help support the group in DFW.
    If they aren't able to I will most likely setup things myself.

    I have meet quite a few...
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    I am currently working on trying to get something together for April.
    I'm also trying to get an informal meet n greet in March if possible.

    Will let everyone know here.

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    Thanks for the replies hopefully we can get more interest.
    The company I work for has around 5-10 Ext JS developers here in Texas with more in the Chicago area.

    I sent a pm to each of you with a...
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    I was wondering if anyone would like to get together for a friendly meetup in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas area.

    I know several Ext JS programmers are here in the area.

    Let me know if your...
  6. New Form Feed (new page) is 12 New Line is 10 :)
    New Line is 12 in base 8 octal.
    But the script will most likely process the form feed when the enter key is hit on the combobox.
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    Grats on the book and have bought mine already.

    Got the combo buy with Learning Ext-JS.

    Thanks for the hard work that goes into these books.
  8. I got just my book as well. Grats on the book and Thanks for doing the dataview, listview, and formpanel example that just came up on our todo list last week to make an interface like that.

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    My old job had EXT-JS for intranet and dealt with hurricane trackers in real time. ;)

    Of course I can't say with who or the details of it cause I'm no longer with them.


    The latest I'm...
  10. Most of the clients we will be working with have pgp desktop on them. If we can get a custom made plug-in to talk to the encrypt then send the data to the pgp server before routing it to the...
  11. :-? I came across an interesting article and it seems it can be done.

    This is JavaScript talking directly to a Java applet using the Java...
  12. Thanks for the fast reply.

    We have been thinking of SSL but with some of the systems I need to talk to SSL won't be enough. I can't give out all the info needed but was wondering if we have a...
  13. Just wondered if any other stronger encrypt/decrypt functions existed for ext apps.

    I am currently working with sha-512 for my login system using php and javascript. But there is a need for me to...
  14. Very nicely done!! I seem to hit a small bug.
    When I turn frame: false the stripedRows: true doesn't work. I turn frame: true and it works fine. I even tried doing .x-grid3-row-alt to my own...
  15. Very nicely done and liked the demo. =D>

    I noticed one thing on both the ext 2.2 and 3.0 versions.
    The DateFieldPlus3 has a date range on it but allows today as an option?

    Shouldn't that be...
  16. After closer review and 4th ~o) I kept over looking the mainItem: 1, line in the code.

    Gotta love it when the body wants to work but the brain takes a vacation just cause its friday.


  17. I was working with the grouped tabs example and noticed something and wondered why it is this way. It is color coded in red for out of place alignment. The blue colored code is what I would expect...
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