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    I am facing a similar problem and I think this is a really big bug.I want to know when it will be fixed
  2. My Scenario: I use ASP.NET MVC at Backend and i only present to the user just one page using RAZOR that helps me dealing with Dynamic Data on it and to load the Sencha ExtJS framework with the old...
  3. In my Sencha Touch 2.3.1 Project using Architect 3 i add 3 javascript resources files like in the following image:


    As you can see in the previous image, the 3 javascript resources...
  4. I have a Sencha Touch 2.3.1 Project in Architect 3 and when i add custom configs to any objects as you can see in the attach image under Custom Properties, when i Build (Compile) the project to...
  5. If you need back the animation on Android using Chrome running the sencha touch application, i just include in the Ext.application under requires config the class Ext.Anim and all the animation from...
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    Hello Aaron, any update about this Architect issue? Do you know when will be the release of this fix?

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    Hello Aron,

    We are ready to start 3 projects at the same time here in my work using these retain of software:

    At Frontend:

    Sencha Architect or Sencha Designer
    WebStorm (Powerful...
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    Excellent, but do you know when it's the release date of this correction?, because we are planning to star 3 projects at the same time here in my work with Sencha Architect using WebStorm as our IDE...
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    Same scenario for me, it's there any solution for this issue? I don't want to overwrite the override files by Architect.

    I want to use my external IDE that is WebStorm because Intelligence, Live...
  10. After debug my code using Firebug and use Iluminations on it i found a fix...

    I create a function in a custom class for use in all the views that use a grid with CheckboxModel plugin like this:
  11. If there is 2 o more developers, how to implement a VCS like TFS or Github, etc in Sencha Arquitect 2 ?

    For example if there is just 1 XDS file but into it there are many views, controllers,...
  12. After upgrade Ext Designer 2 and open my Sencha Touch 2 project again there is no more tools in toolbox as you can see in the image that i attach to this post, all the tools disapear from the...
  13. Excellent Jay let me do that...

  14. Here it is a great example implementing multi-instances of Views and Stores having its own behavior in a simple html file using MVC pattern of ExtJS 4. I hope you enjoy it...

    <!DOCTYPE html>...
  15. The overFlow button arrow menu at the end of a Toolbar disappear when you set the "scale" of a button to other value than "small" ... is there a solution for this issue ?
  16. After spend a time in Ext Designer, i found the "enableOverFlow" issue in a config of the Toolbar that is in "align" config of the "layout" section. If you set the values "middle, stretch or...
  17. The code generated by Ext Designer 1.2 just for the Panel with the Toolbar issue is this:

    Ext.define('Medidas.view.ui.MyPanel2', {
    extend: 'Ext.panel.Panel',

    border: 0,
  18. The same result with ExtJS 4.0.7 - There is no button arrow for the overflow Toolbar Menu as you can see in the following image:

  19. Ok please...

    Best Regards
  20. Hello everyone, i have an issue in Ext Designer 1.2 when trying to enable the property "enableOverFlow" from a Toolbar using Button Groups on it, but when i resize the browser the arrow that have to...
  21. I need to align the icons to the left in the Accordion Panels... please someone that help with this issue?
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