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  1. Thanks for your reply Andreas, I will try the SetDefaultInsets and see if it works as a detour, but I agree that this should be a default behavior so it looks like a bug to me
  2. Hi,

    We are having problems with the last Label of the X Axis of a Line Serie Chart.
    The problem is that is cut, as you can see in this image of your own example:


    The example was...
  3. As a detour I found that if I set default size for the Chart I was created no matters what size it will end having when its parent renders it, the issue is not present.

    In my case I was creating...
  4. No, I didn't received any answer from Sencha yet :s

    Doing more research I found that for some reason chart.bbox.width and height results in negative numbers, which produce the issue.
    Also it...
  5. Ok,

    I think an easy test case could be using this:

    and replacing line:

    store.addAll(TestData.getData(8, 20, 100));
  6. Hi guys,

    GXT 3.1

    I'm having troubles with assertion fail in method calculateBounds of ScatterSeries class.

    take a look a this gist:
  7. Replies
    Any news on this issue?

    I was having same problem adding ContentPanel to AccordionLayoutContainer in GXT 3.1.1.I debug the code and it looks like the ContentPanel was attached before the...
  8. Hi,

    I received this NegativeArraySizeException building a chart with LineSeries when the chart goes into a tab that was hidden because it wasn't the active tab.
    If I put the chart in a visible...
  9. Hi,

    When you have a ToolBar that contains ComboBoxes inside, when resizing is made and overflow menu was created, it adds all the components that doesn't fit in. If Component is a ComboBox it...
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    Using GXT 3.1.0 In GaugeAxis I couldn't found a way of setting Title for the Axis, nothing seems to work. Looking inside GaugeAxis code I found that title is private and drawTitle depends on...
  11. I can confirm that we have nested TabPanels with top tabs and works fine.
  12. Hi,

    we are having this error when we are trying to build nested tabPanels with bottom tabs.

    You can see the stacktrace here:

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    I'm trying to use this WidgetExpander grid plugin in a nested way and having troubles, when I have a grid inside a grid it works just fine, but if the second grid has also the plugin to get another...
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    Hi Guys,

    I need to provide a ToolTip for each node on a Tree in gxt 3.0.
    I GXT 2.x we used qtip and it works perfect, now we need to provide the same feature but with GXT 3.0 how can we do that?...
  15. Yes I confirm Colin's report, I tested with latest version Ext GWT 3.0.2 from SVN and the problem was resolved.

    Thanks for your help Colin.

  16. Hi,

    I was experimenting this problem. I have e Grid with CheckBoxSelectionModel that also have a Buttom in some column. The grid is inside a Portlet in a Portal.

    The problem is that the...
  17. 3.0.1-SNAPSHOT

    from SVN.
  18. Hi,

    I was experimenting the same thing reported here:
  19. Hi,

    I found that in the context of the Editor Framework when you are editing a Grid via ListStoreEditor.
    If you call :


    It will allways return false, no matters you...
  20. Anyone from Sencha could answer this, I was experimenting the same problem.

  21. Hi,

    In a ComboBox dropdown List the keys: PageDown / PageUp doesn't do anything.
    I tested in Chrome, FF and devMode too.

    You can reproduce directly on your examples site here:...
  22. I'm not asking you take care of anything, I 'm just asking if you could provide a getter, don't see the problem.
    At least could you provide a protected getter so we could subclassing the Converter?
  23. Hi guys,

    In the EditorConverterAdapter there is no getter for:

    private Converter<T, U> converter;

    In the context of an EditorVisitor for example it would be very useful to have that...
  24. For now I patched my code with:

    In PropertyDisplayCell :

    public void render(Cell.Context context, C value, SafeHtmlBuilder sb) {
  25. Is what the pom from the project at the SVN say. 3.0.1-SNAPSHOT
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