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  1. if someone is in need of a fix - Joel gave me that link:

    It works for me!
  2. well, that is something (among other issues) that was visible in Canary for some time now and of course still is!

    See this thread here...
  3. still the same problems with Canary V44.n - I am worried!
  4. same here with the Touch Grid: no longer working in Canary V43.n

    I second Olegs opinion: of course it could be a browser bug. But it could also be something else that has changed and that may...
  5. :)
  6. And I'm a bit surprised that there are any differences at all in these files. Looks like regression problem to me.

    Don't think so. The majority is, I guess. But we may have been too early... ...
  7. absolutely! how did you found out where and what the 2 problems were?
  8. is there a reason why the default background color is "transparent". Doesn't really help to make it readable in certain cases. Thanks.

  9. Ok, makes sense. I'll give it a try a.s.a.p. Thank you!
  10. Hmmmm... the issue is the font-size but you are changing the color. Will that do it?
  11. Thanks. But there is also the label font size that has changed...

    You should create a new thread for that. Otherwise it will get lost...
  12. I just downloaded the 2.3.2 (nigthly 0516) and noticed a significant change compared to 2.3.1.

    Is this a bug or a feature?

    So this is 2.3.2:

    and this is/was 2.3.1:
  13. I spent much too much time with searching for a working solution. The only one that really worked for me was the one here: (thanks to Greg Barry!)....
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    fixed! thanks for bringing this up!!
  15. bump! Just ran into this with ST2.3.1...
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    Sweeeeeet! Exactly what I wanted to hear!! Thanks!!!
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    As I understood there is currently an app for Android and one for iOS. Which is great.

    Is WinPhone8.n on the radar as well?
  18. I couldn't find any information about different languages supported?

    (In case you need translators for german and french I could assist you...)
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    this comes from sencha. You can find it under touch\source\ux\parse\...
    Probably used to access

    Sweet (especially if there was some documentation... ;))
  20. It looks like there is an implementation of Promises in ST2.3.1.
    You can find it in touch\src\promise.js
  21. well a production build (sencha app build production) is actually for a website only.
    Whereas only a native build (sencha app build native) is for deployment on a device.
  22. Mobile WebApps are very well possible with Sencha Touch as long as you don't need native functionality. The app will work with almost any modern browser (even on the desktop) and the best of all:...
  23. Yep, this is a known and already filed bug:
  24. Since you are using an ID in your DV I think the ref should be

    config: {
    refs: {
    itemTapped: '#ScheduleList'
    control: {
    'itemTapped' ...
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    I do this all the times. I don't see why this shouldn't work...
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