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  1. I'm putting this in for anyone including myself who may have faced this problem.

    I needed a button with a different iconCls based on the results.
    The answer was rather simple I override the...
  2. This new selection feature in v5 is killing us over here.

    I am being affected by this problem in my grid with rowexpander, if you have a large rowbody the grid will always scroll back to the top...
  3. Thanks evant, That worked can't believe I did not try that.
  4. I am creating a simple Tree for my main menu in my app but I keep getting the error "Error: [Ext.createByAlias] Unrecognized alias: controller.mainmenu"

    Here are some snippets of my code what am I...
  5. I managed to get this working by using the and the el that is return is an HTMLElement not and Ext.Element which is what you need to have .dom.offsetTop

    var store = list.getStore(),
  6. Replies
    This override I found in the comments of the documentation by badgerb1

    This override works much better for me in all situations so I thought I would link it to this thread.

  7. @excyberlabber Thank you very much for chasing this one down and reporting it here.

    We have run into the very same problem with Firefox and applying that fix to basex was just what the doctor...
  8. Thanks for this great override guys

    However I noticed that while it does hide my other form fields with thier labels it does not
    hide checkbox label for some reason:(

    I dont really know enough...
  9. I have tested your iconMgr and it works very well for me.
    However in my app most of the JSON is created serverside and sent to the client and then used to build up my components. I have trouble...
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