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  1. That's exactly what I was looking for, it would be nice to do something like this to define some vars for a certain app, not for the generic theme in the package forlder, but for the app:

  2. Hi there.

    Im wondering if there's a way to get the name of the package (theme) in compass? There's a property in the package.json file that contains the name of the package, I would like to access...
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    Hi guys.

    Im building a Sencha Touch app from scratch, I will be publishing tutorials every week :) Here's the link in case you are interested:

    My idea...
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    Hi There!

    I have created a package using the sencha cmd, in there I have custom components that I want to share across multiple sencha touch applications, I already have some components working...
  5. Hi Guys!

    I'm creating a custom theme, when I run the following command I'm able to compile my :

    $ sencha package build

    However, it takes a lot of time because it also slice images, my...
  6. I have found a solution for this :D

    I have created this new ant task in the build-impl.xml file:

    <target name="-to-public" description="Copy the build to the public folder">
  7. Hi folks!

    I would like to chenge the path of the build folder, I found a property for that under the file


  8. Are you using a single web page application? or you just want to display the data in a second html page? how do you want do display your data, in a panel? in a form? a grid maybe?

  9. If you want to use icons inside of a XTemplate you should use inline-icon mixing instead:

    @include inline-icon('minus');
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    What I usually do in these situations is to create the panel/chart or any other component that I need in the onRender method of the class, this way I can render the component anywhere I want using...
  11. Inside of the html property you can add any HTML code that you want but if you want the text to be dynamic you should use the tpl and data properties instead.
  12. You can try the references:

    extend : '',

    refs : [
    {ref:'grid',selector:'acontainer anotherpanel...
  13. The red triangle appears because the node is marked as dirty every time you change the original value of the field, in order to remove that triangle (or in other words make it clean) you need to...
  14. You need to add a writer to your store, this way every time you add/update/remove a record, the store will synchronize your store with your server.

  15. In order to create a new theme and add support for legacy browsers (IE), you need to use images for gradients, rounded corners and so on.

    There's a tool that you can use to generate the images...
  16. The class looks fine, how are you creating the instance?
  17. Instead of harcoding the columns you should create the array of columns dynamically, something like this:

    var columns = [];

    if (attrData.length > 0) {
    for (var prop in...
  18. Yes, it's possible to extend any class in the framework. I do it all the time :D
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    Sure, there is! Take a look a the Ext.util.Animation class:!/api/Ext.util.Animate

    var p1 = Ext.get('myElementId'); //Getting a dom element by ID
  20. Will be deprecated also in the request method of the connection class?
  21. Do you have any error on the javascript console?
  22. Use the jsonData parameter instead of the extraParams :D

  23. The easiest way to do it is to just make a regular ajax request, create the correct object structure and then load the store.

    url : 'data.json',
    success :...
  24. You can use the mapping property of the fields to specify the path from the value will be extracted.

    extend : '',

    fields : [
  25. That's because in IE the components are rendered in different way than on modern web browsers such as firefox or chrome.

    In the case of the buttons, they are rendered (on IE) using a <table> and...
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