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  1. Thanks for the documentation.I looked into it, the loaded should be added to the node which has no children.If I add it to the node with children , children are not loaded.

    The problem is when...
  2. I am not sure, how to create a rest proxy in fiddle. It is a simple example as above data to be shown in a tree.

    I found the issue, the response is similar to the Tampa's reply. But still when I...
  3. Hi,
    I am facing problem in sending the response to the GET proxy request.

    I am using a treestore with REST proxy. No root property is set.
    I am providing response as below:
    children: [{...
  4. Action method defaults to {create: 'POST', read: 'GET', update: 'PUT', destroy: 'DELETE'}

    This doesn't happen in Grid. When I response to a get request ,I am getting a post request for all the...
  5. I am trying to create a tree panel with tree store(Rest Proxy). When I send the data on get request as below

    'leaf' : False,
    'name' : 'A',
    'idx' : 0,
    'expanded' : False,
  6. Thanks Yeghikyan,
    This is very helpful.

    I was expecting a config to add this info, because store has this information already. If many records are modified, this transformation has to happen for...
  7. Hi,
    I am adding a sample code which I use , where adding a row doesn't provide a record index in proxy post request for me. As I am using a remote store , I need the record index in post request...
  8. Thanks for the code
  9. I am using chrome.Compiling in sencha documentation.I have added the screenshots below

    1: By commenting floating :true. I get this


    2:With same code given above post I get

  10. I have added the key binding to HtmlEditor,but it is not working.

    Note: For below examples key bind with (CTRL+Q)
    The code below for Htmleditor key binding(Not working)
    new Ext.panel.Panel({ ...
  11. When a Floating TabPanel/GroupTabPanel is used inside a Window, Floating TabPanel/ GroupTabPanel not visible(hides).

    But without floating , TabPanel works fine inside Window

    The code below...
  12. Mcouillard's suggestion was good.We have the same work as his case.May i know whether this problem is fixed?/Is there any solution for grouping?
  13. Thanks...
    What about titlecollapse..Is that a issue or any modification we have to make..Actually the titleCollapse working so good with collapse tool ,but not working with Title Collapse.
  14. Thanks for your reply ....If collapseDirection is wrong ,the panel should not collapse at first.but it collapse to "top" properly.The problem is that "panel collapses but not expanding".

  15. Bug:
    when titleCollapse and headerPosition used together. The titleCollapse can't expand the panel after collapsed as shown below.

    var filterPanel = Ext.create('Ext.panel.Panel', {
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