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  1. The code was already posted above. But I doubt it will be helpful; you need to adjust it to your own needs.

    With best regards,
  2. Yes, thats a good point. I will rewrite that part later, I currently concentrate on getting the framework running. Thanks for the pointer!
  3. Yes, a Wiki with special addons makes context-sensitive help a real help and not only a "reference", where users can share their experience for a specific function and exchange tips.

  4. I hear you :)

    The whole thing proceeded pretty smoth, if you want to have a look, here are some screenshots (unfortunately the gnome screen grabber doesn't save the mouse cursor, but I think you...
  5. Thanks for the pointer animal, I used the following schema now:

    - Create a layer over the viewport, which recieves a click event
    - On click, iterate through all components via...
  6. Dear Ext-Users,

    I'm currently implementing a context-sensitive help, however, I'm a littlebit stuck.

    The process should be similar to the known function in Windows, where you click the little...
  7. See on the first page:
  8. Replies
    I wrapped the whole thing together into a custom class:


    Netwatch24.TreeComboBox = Ext.extend(Ext.form.ComboBox, {
    tree: null,
    treeId: 0,
  9. Facts:

    - ExtJS is themeable. If you need a custom theme, then theme it like you need it.
    - ExtJS provides standard themes, in a similar fashion each and every OS does.

    So I don't get the...
  10. If you mean a tree-like grid by "nested" rows - sorry, it's not possible.
  11. nanich, if I understood you correctly: Only one level is supported. For everything else, you have to stick with a tree. Hint to the ExtJS guys: Seems that a multi-level tree control with rows and...
  12. Yes, I also tried that. The problem was that all handlers (+) were gone, no matter if there was subdata or not.
  13. I added Jelt's patch for the highlighting problem. I could not add BunoG's function because it didn't work and I couldn't figure out why.

  14. Thats strange, because I posted the updated example and code at the same time (because at the time I introduced the "reader" property in the sample, I already had done that in the plugin code....
  15. I see a switch statement. I posted only 2 pieces of code, one example, one plugin code. It's not hard to find it when you copy the code to a text editor and search for "switch". Maybe I didn't make...
  16. Look for the switch statement. You have to figure out the rest on your own. Sorry can't give more free support on that.

  17. My extension doesn't support xmlReader. You have to add it to my extension code.

  18. Have a look at the source; there's a location where a JsonReader is created. Add your reader to that and give it a try. I didn't add it because I never used XMLReader.

  19. Not possible at the moment. Feel free to contribute a patch.

  20. 1. Fill the grid using JSON like you would usually do.
    2. Specify "reader" : "json" in the config (see above).
  21. It's because these files are from the example, and I didn't remove the copyright notice. License for my extension is as-is.
  22. Please have a look at:

    There's an updated version.

  23. Hi,

    this is a Plugin which extends the example grid3 row extender.

    - The data you read via the store needs to have a field where your sub-records are located in. You need to have...
  24. Seems that there are some problems regarding JSBuilder and Windows Vista. I have UAC turned off and it runs as administrator.

  25. Hi,

    I tried to build Ext from source using JSBuilder, but it tells me that license.txt could not be opened because it is in use by another process. I moved the file and even did extract ExtJS from...
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