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  1. No luck unfortunately using the following:

    var accordionLayout = new Ext.Panel({
    defaults : {
    autoScroll : true
  2. That sounds ideal - with the benefit of more flexibility with how we implement the accordion.
    Only problem - the original Accordion IE9 layout bug seems to also happen for containers with Auto...
  3. Trying to find a workaround for an IE9 Accordion bug.

    The bug relates to Accordions with "fill:false" not working in IE9 - but working fine for other browsers/ versions.
    Details here:...
  4. After a lot of trial and error - it appears the problem relates to the use of CSS & overflow: hidden;

    With the Panel baseCls & overCls set to a CSS class with "overflow: hidden" the bug is...
  5. Any chance this might get looked at for 3.4.2?

    Resorting to IE8 X-UA-Compatible & 3.4.0 unfortunately doesn't appear to work for IFrames in IE when the parent window doesnt have X-UA-Compatible.
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    Any further news on 3.4.2?

    Unfortunately the IE10 release has introduced further bugs for us in IE10 and not solved the IE9 ones

  7. Treepanel Autoscoll wasn't working properly for IE9 or for IE8 Compatibility but seemed to work fine for IE10.
    (Prior bug report:...
  8. Thanks for the IE10 release - unfortunately its introduced a new bug for IE10.

    For IE9: doesn't solve this bug (same as above).

    For IE10:
    The bug (discussed above) didn't...
  9. Thanks for the tip.
    If our menu wasn't as complex as it is (many accordion panels, nested trees) your solution would resolve this. Unfortunately we need "fill: true" for interface useability.

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.4.0

    Browser versions tested against:
  11. Possibly a bug with IE9.
    Any suggestions/ workarounds to get this going in IE9 would be of great help.

    Example page:
    Mouse over tree node text in...
  12. Are there any issues with accordion/ treepanel auto scrolling in IE9?

    The cut-down code below with a treepanel in an accordion works OK in IE8, as well as Chrome & Firefox.

    Yet in IE9:


    Ext version tested:


    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 17.0.963.56
  14. Possibly a bug?
    Chrome ok but Firefox broken.

    Ive put together a simpler example (see below) that just uses the 'templatecolumn' xtype template to render HTML - works fine in Chrome but not...
  15. Thanks for the info - I realize my question wasn't very clear, Ive revised and added more details for clarity.

    Basically, I've been able to add the elements to the TreePanel nodes by overriding...
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    Thanks @Romick a variant of that worked
    @sskow200 pointing out the onNodeAdded function is exactly what I needed - thanks, it's appreciated
  17. In V3 using the TreeCheckNodeUI to add custom HTML elements (eg drop down list) to the tree nodes works fine including the click events working.

    In V4 overriding the Ext.tree.Column...
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    @Romick following is some example code that might help

    ExtJS 3: the tree reference can be passed as a simple function parameter
    In our case we have custom html form elements that have access to...
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    Similar V3 to V4 problem here:

    @sskow200 I gather the node has no tree reference and we have...
  20. Similar issue over here

    Will continue discussion on that thread.
  21. Are you able to provide any tips on the other ways to achieve this?

    As a background:
    Our V3 app has extended the TreeNodeUI to provide html form elements (eg drop down lists) embedded in the node...
  22. We're converting an ExtJS3 app to ExtJS4.
    In V4 is there an equivalent function or approach to the V3 node.getOwnerTree()?

    For example, our V3 code passes the Node Id and Tree Id as follows:
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