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  1. Yep, unfortunately!
  2. Hi all,

    So I have a couple of elements that I'm doing stuff like this to:

    this.topNav.applyStyles({'-webkit-transform': 'translate3d(0px, '+ (y) + 'px, 0px)'});

    However, I am noticing...
  3. Thanks! For now I'm just going for the raw data. I like the idea of using the framework for stuff like validation and consistency, but the behavior here seems really inconsistent.

    I don't think...
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    UPDATE: setY() still doesn't work. I officially have no idea why. Lol.

    Been playing around with this a bit more and think I've figured out where the confusion comes from (though haven't yet...
  5. Hi all,

    Having trouble retrieving a list of Article models JSON and getting User model associated with each article out of the data that I am retrieving with a Remote Proxy Load operation viat the...
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    Awesome, thanks Mitchell!
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    Didn't get any errors in the console when I tried this... unfortunately I've rewritten how this works so that I'm setting a transform style on the thing I want to stay the same place and do not have...
  8. Thanks Brice! I've found the same, thanks for mentioning it :)
  9. Would be super cool if the docs said this :D
  10. Maybe this is already documented, but I'm trying to find some kind of "official" breakdown of the parameters that get passed back to Listerner fns that are set on custom HTML elements for events like...
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    Trying to implement a header sort of like the Facebook mobile app. It scrolls up and out of view with the content, but if you scroll the content 'down' and moving out of view at the bottom of the...
  12. This seems to hold true for anything declared in the object literal for the config object or for the class that you are creating -- the 'requires' Classes will not be available to you before the...
  14. Hi there, did you find an answer to this? I am looking to implement a similar feature, and am having trouble with how t oget the element in question to behave as a "docked" one relative to the...
  15. Awesome!
  16. Whelp, it turns out that this isn't that hard to roll your own buffering list. The key is to use the scroller.maxPosition property. Here's a good example from the ListPaging plugin source:

  17. Having trouble putting anything together that would tell me where a List was scrolled too relative to the Items inside of it. I have found the Scroller scroll event and can get the distance from the...
  18. Would it be possible in this situation for another event to change the URL for this Proxy before you had completed the request here?

    This is how I am doing it as well... since I'm caching...
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    yep, still out or out right now at least.
  20. Great post! Previously I had been attempting to do this just keeping the store's Records organized in memory by assigning the Store's records to an instance variable during the beforeload and then...
  21. I have a component that I'm creating with
    Ext.create('Project.view.Container', { record: })

    Then later I'm attempting to change the record that's associated with this...
  22. @Hanni Sullivan Great list! I actually found JavaScript Just the Good Parts a bit unhelpful just when starting out because I had so little knowledge of JavaScript, or scripting in general, when I...
  23. What did you end up going with?
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    Hmm, I don't have this problem when I am my own user ... but I do when I try to run sencha cmd as root with
    sudo sencha This is problematic when I try to run the tutorial command
    sencha fs web...
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    Thank you for the quick reply, that improves the confidence level for sure :D

    Is this something for the community / site managers, or should we file bugs we find around here too? If so, where?
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