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  1. Thanks for the reply!

    However I was expecting some kind of css trick that can grey out the sprite gif to make it close to white but keep the gradient so I don't have to make or use a different...
  2. Setting property plain on tabpanel to true will render the tab strip without the background image. However I need to set the color to white for the tab selector buttons too.

    It seems the color is...
  3. Sorry just realized you had it in the last post. So is this problem solved?
  4. When removing the panels have you tried remove(panel, true), i.e,. setting autoDestroy to true?
  5. In addition, I suspect by removing a panel from the region, it would somehow damage it so you can't simply readd it later on.

    I would try hide then show it (this might take some effort too). But...
  6. May I ask why you didn't use the accordion layout to have both panels always added but only one displayed at any time instead of adding and removing them everytime switching the tabs?
  7. I'd investigate if:
    1. the event handler is really invoked when switching tabs;
    2. the update itself is correct.

    It's not clear what the westHome and westReports are. But is it possible that...
  8. Quote from API documentation:
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    There is no paging and all data is local. This is just a simple standard Ext grid with a local store. I just want to show the total count and the range of rows currently in the view (visible to the...
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    I'm trying to add some summary info to a standard Ext Grid. The info is just the start/end of the visible rows and the total.

    How do I calculate the visible rows and which event should be handled?...
  11. Didn't know that columnmodel is synced to the view. I'll give it a try now and thanks for your help!
  12. Thanks Condor.

    I thought about that but wondered what happens if column gets hidden or reordered?
  13. No, I'm using a custom selection model which provides a checkbox column and only adds checked rows to the selection.
  14. I'm implementing cell validation where the invalid cells can be iterated through by pressing previous and next buttons on grid toolbar. There is a structure that holds all invalid cells, or actually...
  15. The getCell method in GridView takes column and row indexes. Is there any way to map a field of a record to its correponding cell element in Grid UI and vice versa?

    I understand there isn't alway...
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    I'm experiencing a similar problem with the v0.1 of Ext.ux.grid.BufferedGridView after upgrading to Ext3.

    The cause to me seems to be the change made to setXY in Ext.

    By setting xy[0] = 0...
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    I'm using BufferedGridView v0.1 for a EditorGridPanel added to a ViewPort with "fit" layout.

    Everything works fine except that the vertical scrollbar is always visible even when there are just a...
  18. innerLayout.regions.north.getEl().setStyle('border', '0px');
  19. var innerLayout = new Ext.BorderLayout('innerLayout', {
    north: {initialSize: 50, margins: {top: 0, left: 0, right:0, bottom: 0}},
    center: {margins: {top: 0, left: 0, right:0,...
  20. Check out Ext.Data.Record's create method in the documentation:

    There is a code example.
  21. Create a data store with a JsonReader based on that data?
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    ExtJS ver 2.01

    I suspect this is caused by Ext.KeyMap. After selecting columns (e.g., uncheck select all, then check it again), click directly in the search input field then do a search then...
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    Not ext itself but this new portal example.

    Everytime the number of columns is changed, you get orphaned dom nodes and memory usage increased.

    I haven't checked the code but only played it with...
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    Memory leak on IE is terrible, even on 2.2.
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    Thanks very much for the explanation!

    I'd really like to have livegrid to replace our existing data-grid (which is not as feature-rich and sleek-looking but works great with a large number of...
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