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  1. Missing `floated` Config

    @Maurice.Rossi -

    I encountered this exact problem this morning. I don't believe it has to do with your hidden: true config, rather, it has everything to do with modal: true which was producing the...
  2. Ext JS Modern selectfield Firing Events on Bind

    Ext JS 6.6.0 Modern

    An Ext.field.Select is firing both the select and change events on bind of the ViewModel. When the Select is configured with a static set of options, this makes it entirely...
  3. Collapsible Panel (with dynamic: true) Does Not Grow to Fit Expanding Contents

    Good afternoon -

    When using an collapsible panel, the collapse/expand animation is simply.... GOOFY, without setting the dynamic: true configuration within the Ext.Panel's collapsible...
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    @mitchellsimoens Mitch - A colleague and...


    Mitch -

    A colleague and I worked on this response. We've agreed that my account will be used to post in order that only one of ours be the one to receive any personal...
  5. ExtReact Fiddler Throws Error Running Default Sample Code


    Open or refresh the ExtReact Fiddle page
    Do not change any default selections or the default code
    Run the code
    The Panel component nor "Hello World!" message are displayed and the...
  6. [OPEN] ComboBoxField Example Code Throws Errors (ExtReact v6.5.2 and v6.5.3 both Modern)


    Open or refresh the ExtReact v6.5.2 documentation page or the ExtReact v6.5.3 documentation page for the ComboBoxField component
    Do not change any of the sample code in the "Examples"...
  7. Need to Explicitly Require ChainedStore

    emaze -

    I ran into this too. Our assumption is one of two things, either:

    @extjs/reactor-webpack-plugin is missing the need to include ChainedStore; or,
    @extjs/reactor-webpack-plugin is not...
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    [OPEN] I've experienced this as well. Not only this,...

    I've experienced this as well. Not only this, but v6.5.2 and 6.5.3 should be non-breaking updates, yet you'll find the `maxDate` and `minDate` properties, as well as their associated getters and...
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    ExtJS 4.0.2a API documentation: Ext.Component ...

    ExtJS 4.0.2a API documentation: Ext.Component

    The xtype "spacer" does not exist. Using this xtype results in a namespace error. "tbspacer" exists lower in the list under "Toolbar components." ...
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