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  1. Uncaught TypeError: Ext.util.region is not a constructor.

    'Uncaught TypeError: Ext.util.region is not a constructor' error appears when the orientation changes on both Android (Samsung Galaxy Tab S3) and iOS (iPad Air 2). Unable to successfully reproduce...
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    [OPEN] Cannot read property 'viewModel' of null

    getConfig: function()
    ret = me.hasOwnProperty(propName) ? me[propName] : me.config[name];

    The above snippet is from ext-all-rtl-debug.js file.

    It looks like the getConfig...
  3. [CLOSED] None of the HTML pages included in the 6.5 SDK release open from File Explorer?

    I copied the SDK contents into a local folder on my Windows PC and tried to view the HTML pages.
    Neither of these open properly.

  4. No the problem was with the plugin. It modified VS registry keys and left something

    I was got instructions from someone (support ticket I think) to remove some registry keys created by the plugin.
    It was 100% the plugin left some precompile steps enabled in registry keys.
  5. Was this file hidden?

    I didn't see that file? Was that file hidden? It cost me a few hours trying to figure out what was going on.
    Is there any way to turn that off if you want to manually control which Sencha apps are...
  6. Visual Studio 2015-Even after deleting Sencha Add-in can't stop sencha app builds!

    I have a Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Solution with 4 library projects and one ASP website project.
    The website contains several Sencha applications.

    Ever since installing the Sencha Visual...
  7. Installed and then uninstalled the plugin - Why is PUBLISH triggering app builds?

    I have a Visual studio 2015 solution with 5 C# projects and a Website project.

    I installed your VS plugin and when I build the VS solution via the "Publish" option on the website project the...
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    After more troubleshooting and comparing of...

    After more troubleshooting and comparing of app.json files I found the following line in a JS array that didn't exist in the app that was working

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    Bootstrap.js is missing package references

    I have 2 sencha apps inside my workspace that are referencing the same 3rd party package. The first one runs correctly, the second which was added recently, is looking in the local app file directory...
  10. Yes, it's added when I add the app as per your...

    Yes, it's added when I add the app as per your suggestion. I also found that you can add the SDK path to the generate workspace command which will copy in the /ext folder and it's contents
  11. Simple Question - How do I add Ext SDK to my newly created CMD 6.0.1 workspace?

    I am setting up a new environment.
    I have ExtJs 6.0.1 and CMD 6.0.1
    I have run the Windows CMD installer and everything looks good.
    I ran the "sencha generate workspace /MyWorkspace" and it...
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    [FIXED] Excellent. Is there a release date for the next...

    Excellent. Is there a release date for the next version of Sencha Touch? I haven't seen one in months.
  13. Where can I find the complete specification for CMD 5.0.3 app.json config parameters?

    I'm struggling trying to figure out how to configure the output configuration object in app.json.

    Is there a doc somewhere that explains what all the supported config parameters are and what...
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    Changing CSS for a single toolbar instance

    I am trying to change some CSS properties of a single toolbar control instance in my extjs5 application.
    I generated my own custom theme.

    I created a file in...
  15. Custom themes and applying CSS to my ExtJS app - Need more doc / examples

    I'm am looking for documentation and examples on how to style my ExtJs application.
    I have already generated a custom theme as per the...
  16. Error Upgrading Existing Sencha Touch App to Sencha CMD

    I just installed the latest version of Sencha CMD, and I am working with an existing Sencha Touch 2.3.1 app. I was previously on version of Sencha CMD.

    I get the below error when I run...
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    Best way to find view from element?

    In this example the click event is fired by the DOM 'el' element. It has no ItemId so I can't handle it's events from the controller class via control(...).
    The suggestion is to bind a listener...
  18. [DUP] Hi,I'm using Extjs 4.2.2 and this is still not...

    Hi,I'm using Extjs 4.2.2 and this is still not working. We need a solution/workaround to this issue.Thanks
  19. How about absolute paths or paths outside the /app/ path?

    I should have been more specific. Can I build to another folder outside the /app/ path? For example, an absolute path "c:\somefolder"

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    Can you set the build.dir to an absolute path?

    I tried to set the build path to "c:\MyApp" without any success. Is this even possible?

  21. Is this supported?

    Hi, I too am looking at building into another location than app/build/...
    Is this a supported capability of Sencha command?
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    What's the roadmap for CMD for ExtJS?

    We're evaluating ExtJs for a large new project/product. CMD is no longer predominantly listed as a component of ExtJs as it is for Sencha Touch.

    What's the roadmap for CMD for ExtJs and is...
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    What is the status of Generate Store?

    There's no Generate Store in CMD 4 either?
    If I add it manually to my project do I have to update the codegen.json file myself?
  24. Floating container on a Viewport. - How to detect lost focus so I can hide it

    I need to display a floating container with some ctrls on it over top of my Viewport. I have been able to display the floating container but how to I hide it if the user clicks outside of the...
  25. Thanks for the advice BUT

    Although I agree guidance regarding DB's assigning ID's and I think the 'phantom' record functionality for new records is great the issue I have is that in my situation I NEED TO CREATE THE ID's...
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