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  1. Yes overriding works on browser but Android Native App is not starting if I add those fixes in app.js for Sencha touch (2.4.0) - Phonegap (4.1.2-0.22.10)
  2. We are facing strange behavior; Screens which extends "Ext.form.Panel" is not rendered when its loaded for the first time. You need to click or touch the screen to show the Form. This behavior is...
  3. Adding "open-flash-chart.swf" in war should solve your problem.

  4. After taking correct resources now dropdown is working fine; but I am having problem with Grids now; data is not displayed in Grid; It works fine with GWT 2.2 and GXT-2.2.3 but after upgrading to GWT...
  5. Hello Leo

    Did you find fix for this as I am also facing the same problem but this time it working Good in Firefox(9.0.1) but not in IE9 and Chrome(16.0.912.75)

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