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  1. Thanks for the info, I'm glad the original fix works for you, however I'm a bit concerned it might just be masking the real problem which is that the framework incorrectly detects that you have a...
  2. 1. Does your device have a touch screen?

    2. Could you type the following into your console and let me know what you get?

    - Ext.supports.TouchEvents
    - navigator.maxTouchPoints
  3. tint is a Compass function that is not yet supported by Fashion Attempting to invoke a function that doesn't yet exist will result in...
  4. You might also want to take a look at Ext.ux.TreePicker and see if it meets your needs.
  5. See also the section on "Auto-managed listeners" here:
  6. Yes, you can just use on() on the inputEl because it will be destroyed when the field is destroyed, and part of Element destruction is a call to clearListeners().

    As a side note, in 5.1.0 using...
  7. The main reason named scopes were introduced is so that you can have completely declarative views. A declarative view is a class declaration with nothing but configuration inside (no method...
  8. The named scopes you may need to use are:

    - 'this': resolve scope to the component instance that fired the event
    - 'controller': resolve to the nearest controller in the component's hierarchy.
  9. Replies
    Looks like a bug with listener scope resolution on plugins. I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
  10. "self" is a framework-internal scope that indicates that the listener was declared on a class body (as opposed to an instance config). It is an internal implementation detail and shouldn't be relied...
  11. The bug is fixed. The default behavior for cell editors is to be vertically centered over the grid cell. Unfortunately this alignment resulted in the editor being clipped when close to the edge of...
  12. This bug occurs when you use "fit" layout with "html" and scrollable:true. We're working on a fix, in the mean time, if you remove layout:'fit' and use the default ('autocontainer') layout, it...
  13. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
  14. With the removal of IE6/7 support in Ext 5, we are able to use the browser's native querySelector/querySelectorAll to execute dom queries. Since these native functions cover 99% of the use cases, we...
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    to elaborate on what Seth said - you can make your toolbar match the color of the active tab by setting it's background-color to $tab-base-color-active in your app or theme's sass.
  16. enableTextSelection is currently only available on Ext.view.Table (grid and tree views), but not on Ext.view.View currently.

    In v5, for accessibility reasons view items receive focus when...
  17. Width and height of Panels and Windows are typically set by the Layout of the component's owning container, or configured directly on the component. They are an application concern, not a theme...
  18. Ext.view.Table already has a way to configure text-selectability (enableTextSelection: true - it is disabled by default for grids). We could maybe consider moving that config upward to...
  19. You could try:

  20. @SebTardif I'm trying to create a simple test case so I can make sure we have the correct behavior in future releases. I've created the following fiddle, but it doesn't seem to fail as you are...
  21. You can know for sure if the override is working by putting a breakpoint inside the isGarbage function in the override.

    If the override is being called, I'd need more detail to know for sure...
  22. give "sencha app watch" a try.
  23. This is by design so that you can use UIs like "default" on a toolbar.

    If you need the -toolbar suffix just add it as part of your UI name
  24. Something like this perhaps?

  25. You'd get that error if the Ext.dom.Element's "dom" property was null, that is if the element had already been destroyed. That's about all I can tell based on your description.

    Have a look at the...
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