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  1. I'm trying to make `sencha app watch -e production` ignore changes to *.swp files which are basically Vim buffer files. As suggested here, I modified the app.json:

    * File /...
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    I had a similar problem. Turned out that the form had been blocked by the Ghostery extension in my browser. You may want to open the page in browser's private mode to make sure nothing is blocking...
  3. Adding

    "toolkit": "classic"
    to package.json in my theme seems to have fixed the problem.

    I suggest that the missing configuration be added to the automatically generated app.json and...
  4. Maybe try adding this to app.json:

    "requires": [

    (sencha-charts is a synonym for the charts package)
  5. This may be related. The problem is unresolved as of now.
  6. Don, hanks for the suggestion. However, that does not seem to work for me. I generated an app with
    sencha --beta -sd ~/path_to_ext6/ generate app MyApp myApp/
    Next, I added the abovementioned...
  7. Hello everybody
    I'm trying to save my complicated sencha compile command into a file as suggested in

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    I can confirm this error is due to prematurely closing the form panel. Upon submitting the form, either hide it (don't destroy it), or even better, destroy it in the success callback (this way you...
  9. I found a solution to compile expanded CSS in the testing build and compressed CSS in the production build:

    I defined a compass.compile.output_property:

    # in the file...
  10. This typically happens when the order of compiled classes in your *-all.js file is wrong. One of the possible reasons and how to fix it:...
  11. I'm struggling with the same problem.

    AFAIK, app.json is used only by Sencha Touch - it does not work with Ext JS apps.
  12. Problem solved. While building the simplest test case possible I tracked down the offending code. A rogue // @require directive was the culprit here.

    Bad code:

    // file app/Application.js...
  13. Thanks for getting back to me. I'm putting together a test case.

    I have an update though: even the
    sencha compile concat command gives me the same all-classes.js with classes in wrong order.
  14. I don't think it is an issue with Sencha Cmd - more likely something specific to your configuration.
  15. In my EXT JS app, running `sencha compile concat -o build/all-classes.js` works just fine - it produces a functional build.

    However, running `sencha app build -e testing` produces an...
  16. Any ideas yet?

    I resorted to changing the config.rb simply to

    output_style = :compressed

    However, It would be nice to be able to have uncompressed CSS in my testing build, and compressed...
  17. First I would check if those controller, store, and model classes are indeed included in the generated concatenated JS file (it's usually called build/testing/all-classes.js, and particularly the...
  18. I'm trying to run sencha --debug app build -e testing to build my Ext JS application. My compass configuration file config.rb contains:

    output_style = (environment == :production) ? :compressed...
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