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    I have seen in github not much activity. Can I find somewhere I a working example?

  2. hi,

    I have this issue at least with latest Firefox (auto updating itself, 34.0.5). Running on OS X 10.9.5.

    Ext.Date.parse("01/2015", "W/o");
  3. Ext.Date.parse('01/2015', "W/o");
    Date {Mon Jan 05 2015 00:00:00 GMT+0100 (CET)}

    Ext.Date.format(new Date(2015,0,1), 'W/Y')


    Ext.Date.format(new Date(2015,0,5), 'W/Y')
  4. Ext.Date.parse('01/2015', "W/o");Date {Mon Jan 05 2015 00:00:00 GMT+0100 (CET)}
  5. any fixes? it looks still not working 4.2.2, 4.2.3 at least
  6. I am not able to get ItemSelector and its button icons to be displayed. In example it uses this: imagePath: '../ux/images/'what I found under my ext/src/ux/css/images,but it does not do the job.Also...
  7. Today I still cannot get my Neptune running on IE 8+, build by Cmd
  8. hi,i can confirm that latest Extjs with latest Cmd does not running on IE 8. I have upgraded Cmd to, and rebuilt project to see if it is working with IE 8+. No, it is not. Still. Even if it...
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    I am trying to add a menu on the fly to a toolbar, what toolbar also made runtime. The problem is unable to add click event to that menu item. I have tried using Controller:

  10. hi,

    how can I integrate Architect 3 with my java IDE (MyEclispe for example). I do not find a good solution to have application generated by Architect, and later on customised with IDE, and then...
  11. hi Gary,

    I wanted to mark your answer as best. I was to quick and click on (my) wrong one. Can it be fixed somehow?

    Back to the problem: I had extjs 4.1.3, later updated to 4.2.2, and also...
  12. my index.html:

    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
    <meta http-equiv="expires" content="15 Jan 1976" />
  13. the code:

    xtype: 'button', // default for Toolbars
    text: 'Button',
    //iconCls: 'bmenu', // <-- icon
    //text: 'Worldwide',
    //align: 'left',
    width: 150,
  14. hi,

    adding a button to toolbar, and assign a menu to this button will occur that the text is in line1, and menu opener icon is next line2. Why? It is already reported by 4.1.3, at:...
  15. hi,

    I am about to add a button into toolbar, what open a menu while clicking on it. Ideally button text and menu opener triangle should be the some line. For me button text one line, and next line...
  16. errors:

    $ brew update
    Updated Homebrew from daabff4f to 59581dec.
    $ brew tap homebrew/dupes
    Error: Already tapped!
  17. hi,

    Anyone can help me out with hints how to install 1.9.3 version of Ruby? I have 1.8.3, but Cmd v4 needs 1.9.3. So I found some articles, some mentions Homebrew, which I have already installed....
  18. Solution found. The command must be executed from your webapp folder which holds app subfolder and app.json files.
  19. hi,

    I got this warning:

    [INF] -init:
    [INF] Initializing Sencha Cmd ant environment
    [INF] Including theme package ext-theme-neptune for app.theme=ext-theme-neptune build
    [INF] Adding antlib...
  20. toggle group is a pretty good idea.

    Now, I am trying to make large scaled text only button, to avoid shade background. Any idea who I can make flat bg? Similar as once selected by toggle-grp? ...
  21. hi,

    I am having a layout to make, somethign like this:
    IMAGE BTN1 BTN2 BTN3 text | anchor1 anchor2 IMAGE

    my problem is how to make borderless text button, just...
  22. hi,

    I am trying to make a build, and one file must be excluded from the build processing. It would be better to exclude somehow the file instead of delete before and copy back later. This is not...
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    this is my crash report:

    Process: phantomjs [13699]
    Path: /Users/USER/*/phantomjs
    Identifier: phantomjs
    Version: ???
    Code Type: X86 (Native)
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    what memory settings used by Cmd v3?

    I am integrating Cmd v3 as a Maven task, and fails. No problems, if I run "sencha app build" from command line.

    I would not like to guess and adding...
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    What IE versions are supported Officially? thx
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