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    I searched a solution but I didn't find an official 2.2 solution for this yet.

    A quick fix before having more time to search --> just do it the old way :

    - encode your image in base64 using...
  2. In the end, I couldn't make this work and I optimized the displayed data.
    The gain in performance was good enough.
  3. I haven't try again yet but you may found a solution here :

    The last post from Luc could be...
  4. I already tried this but it didn't change anything.
    I still get an error on
  5. I try to define it like this :

    lazyItems: [{xtype: 'panel', html: 'Lazy.'}],

    But the issue was still the same.
    However I tried to change
  6. My goal is to not include panels except the selected one in the DOM.

    I tried to do something as this thread suggested : ...
  7. for android you need to add -webkit-gradient for the background-image property.

    sencha includes :
    -webkit-gradient(linear, [ . . . ] )

    I found a...
  8. Found it !

    It was a css property problem.
    Adding this make the trick :)

    background-image: -webkit-gradient(linear, left top, left bottom, from(white), to(black));

    I'm still curious to...
  9. I manage to change the style of the back button in my navigation view using this :

    .x-button.x-button-back::after {
  10. I just had an issue with the new release candidate.

    It's not complicated but it has to be said.
    "x-button-pressed" has changed for "x-button-pressing"

  11. I saw in the css that the arrow part of the back button is working with an image mask.

    I don't know exacly how the system works but I manage to change the color of the back button using this :

  12. Yep.

    A list is just a simple list of element.
    A nested list is a tree of element.

    If I have a good understanding of how these components work in sencha - if I'm wrong, please correct me -, the...
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    I don't understand what you want.

    You have a textfield, something used by the user to enter text,
    and you want a label, which indicate what is the field for, to be in the middle of this textfield...
  14. Since I can't find anything with the proxy, I made an ugly workaround to handle this case.
    To do this I check the parameter records when the load function is called.
    If I found a field "requestId"...
  15. I added a listener on the event load to know what the store exactly has inside.

    var store = Ext.create('', {
    autoLoad: true,
    autoSync: true,
  16. Strange issue...

    When I change the data from this :

  17. by adding adding noCache:false to the proxy config the issue with the list is fixed.

    proxy: {
    type: 'ajax',
    noCache: false,
  18. In this example, a store use a proxy to load data from json.
    If the data loaded by the proxy is null (for example, webservice not available), the list displays a null item.

    I want the list to...
  19. The goal was to initialize the active tab item at launch.
    Doing that in the config clearly seems a better approach. (and indeed it works)

    About the bug :
    If this may help you, I can confirm that...
  20. I just downloaded again the archive and the files are included.

    link :
  21. I downloaded B3 this morning and these files were in the archive under the build folder.

    Ext version tested:

    Sencha Touch 2 - Beta 3
    Browser versions tested against:

    chrome canary 19.0.1041.0
    chrome 17.0.963.46
    Safari 5.1.2
  23. OK !!!

    I went back to basics using some :

    console.log("url proxy : " + JSON.stringify(this.categoryDeals.getStore().getProxy()));

    and debug tool in chrome.
  24. further in the documentation :

    Actually to test on real device with sencha tool native package you just have to modify your json configuration file and run another command line.
    The tool will...
  25. A .app is just a folder containing all ressources to run the app.
    It is also used to deploy applications on devices :)
    The differences between deploying to simulator and devices is that deploying...
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