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  1. I think the "userAlias" or what it's called (in the Architect-specific settings of your view classes) is used to generate xtypes.
  2. Does that mean there may be related issues with other mixins?
  3. Previously, when adding a GroupingSummaryFeature to your grid, SA 2.0 would add options for the relevant properties to all columns, just as SA 2.1.0 still does with SummaryFeature. As of SA 2.1.0,...
  4. The value is quoted anyway. This means the issue can be worked around by editing the metadata files directly. At no point down the line is the value used without quotes.

    As field names are used in...
  5. Awesome, thanks.
  6. FWIW, most implementations of REST/HATEOAS disagree with your opinion (i.e. sending 200 OK despite success: false). There are a handful of status codes where it is likely the response won't be...
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    Yeah, the storeId doesn't really matter unless you reference it explicitly.

    The point is that the storeId on the class is used as a fallback if none is provided in the constructor call. As you can...
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    Add an afterrender event handler (for example) on the form, that does something like this (abstractComponent should be the name of the first argument to the event handler, change it if the...
  9. Here's an override for the meantime:

    * Fixes for the Server class used by stores.
    * @class
    Ext.override(, {
  10. Compared to ExtDesigner, SA2 is actually pretty good when it comes to using it to generate ExtJS code. However there is one big thing missing from SA2 that would be expected from any human...
  11. Currently will always ignore the response body if the server sent a non-success status code. This defeats the entire purpose of having a messageProperty on the JSON reader in...
  12. ETA?
  13. Ditto. Duplicate:

    Apparently this was fixed:...
  14. When adding a component class as a tab instance to a tab panel, SA 2.1.0 "helpfully" sets the instance's title to "My Tab", even if the component class already specifies a default.

    This seems to...
  15. Maybe this is some kind of limitation with ExtJS, but there's literally nothing wrong with using words like "delete" as object property names in JavaScript, let alone as string values.

  16. Confirmed fixed in b588.
  17. FWIW, SA2.1 itself seems to be unable to recover from this kind of error. The "upgrade" message and overlay seem to be stuck when it encounters an error like this. I had them remain there even after...
  18. I was able to isolate the cause in one of the projects and have attached a somewhat-minimal scenario (without this component, the project upgrade mostly works fine -- layout quirks aside).

    I'm not...
  19. It would be really useful if SA behaved sensibly under Linux and allowed us to install several versions side-by-side.
  20. I'm getting the above error message when trying to import SA2.0 projects into SA2.1.

    Afterwards, SA2.1 seems to hang, still showing the "This project is being upgraded..." dialog.

    As the...
  21. This may be a bit late, but: it's impossible to add mixins in an override because mixins are resolved on definition rather than on instantiation (they're not part of the configuration, they're part...
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    Ah, indeed. After setting the storeId to something else I now see that the `store` property on the view actually does keep in sync with the class name rather than the storeId.

    Architect still...
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    I'm not sure if I am parsing your answer correctly, but if you're saying that they're not strictly speaking singeltons, then, yes, I know that. There is nothing stopping me from creating more than...
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    Although ExtJS's controllers being singletons can be chalked up as a design flaw, Sencha Architect 2 takes the cake by treating not only the custom views as singletons, but also the stores.
  25. As Sencha Architect 2 treats stores as singletons, I had to work around this by removing the store references from the views and instantiating stores at runtime. This works fine.

    However, if I try...
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