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  1. This is what showing in Sencha Architect Log
  2. When using Tree View Panel with Tree Store inside Sencha Architect, when load data, data appering with repeated nesting blocks. But also, when Auto Render enabled for Tree View, the complete design...
  3. Hi,

    Can we have multiple Ext.onReady calls, if yes, what will be sequence of calls defined using Ext.onReady?

    Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi,

    I want to create shortcuts dynamically onto the desktop based on user inputs to access modules dynamically. Any view on this?
  5. Hi Darthwes,

    It is no use my scenario, as it is not adjusting the height of grid panel automatically with remaining available space of window, any idea, I set initially the height of grid as 200...
  6. Hi Condor,

    No, just added a form panel with buttons and grid panel to a window. Btw, this is solved by adding listener with beforecollapse and beforeexpand actions to form panel, and using the...
  7. Hi,

    I have a window with a Form and a Grid panel, both are collapsible. Now I want to adjust height of grid panel automatically to use the available height of container (ie., window) when the...
  8. Looks like they left further developement after April,2010
  9. The application looks like not working fine and not complete when tried from
  10. For quick reference I am giving commands here itself:

    To show the window of module GridWindow which have module id as 'grid-win': MyDesktop.getModule('grid-win').createWindow();

    To close the...
  11. check the post for the commands for show/hide 'grid-win' given by moegal which are working like charm
  12. Moegal,

    Thanks a lot for your help, both commands are working like charm.
  13. Thanks condor, added grid below form (adjusted layout). It is working fine. Once again thanks for prompt response.
  14. Ofcourse I agree, but the form already have huge number fields, that the layout not fits the more rows in the grid. And the results may required with variant no of rows per page ranging from 10 to 50...
  15. Hi,

    I am trying to customize the Desktop example, I want to show the grid window after form submitted and response come back with resultant data.

    I did not find a way to access the GridWindow...
  16. Hi, in the Ext JS desktop example how can I show/hide the window 'grid-win' programatically?
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    you mean roll-over image?
  18. Hi Animal,

    I attached the zip folder which is having 3 files view1.html, FeedViewer1.js FeedPanel1.js could you please check by placing examples/feedviewer folder. Just try for navigation from...
  19. Hi Animal,

    items: [{
    fieldLabel: 'User Name',
    name: 'username',
  20. Hi ,

    could you please let me know, how I can set tab index for form fields for auto-focus?

    thanks in advance for your help,
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    hi cocorossello,

    simple.form.add(new Ext.form.TextField( {
    fieldLabel: 'Last Name',
    name: 'last'

    should be
  22. what we need to include along with the product while submiting to customer
  23. How can we know list of licensed developers ? or how to show somebody I have developer license?
  24. hendricd and animal,

    thank you very much for your suggestions.
  25. Thank you very much tj, I will do that. One thing could you clarify me, is it the response to form is javascript ?

    thanks in advance for your help.
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