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    I would like to swap dynamically 2 toolbars. I have tried this:

    var tmp = Ext.getCmp('id_treeview').dockedItems.items[2];
    Ext.getCmp('id_treeview').dockedItems.items[2] =...
  2. All is ok now.
    As I had a bug only on the init of the window, I have decided to force the hidden by using "cls".
    Thank Phil.Strong
  3. I finally used "cls" with those css tags:

    Every windows...
  4. I have tried designer2 Build 311 Beta. It resolves the issue on windows, but I get a new one on the treeview container autoexpand/:). I stopped there the effort for migrate the application. So I'll...
  5. 33064remove

    Fine inclose the *.xds I use with library ext407.
    I have not tried designer 2 yet.
  6. Thanks. I agree. But as I am working with a controller, so I can very easily withdraw my own code to get the designer behaviour only. I made only a viewport and 2 windows. The windows are still...
  7. With Ext4.0.7, I use designer "Version 1.2.2 Build:48" and a controller declared in designer.js.
    I have to hide windows on render in spite of "hidden" is set on true.
    Not very nice as windows...
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