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    Over the last few years I've been a very loyal advocate for Sencha and I was considering presenting Sencha at a local user group in the new year on some tools I developed but I think this outrageous...
  2. Any news on this bug that is now 18 months old?

    I would think that all you'd need to do is to change the order of the class pre-processors so that mixins are applied BEFORE 'statics' and...
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    Sorry .. Ignore ... I missed the answer above.
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    We used to be able to download ALL docs from but now not.

    Where can we get a local download of the API docs?
    I'm chasing Sencha Touch 2.4.0 but would like to have one...
  5. Yes I'd used a column template as a workaround. The issue was more as "heads up" to Sencha devs. Thanks.
  6. The Sencha Cmd docs are also not downloadable from .
  7. SenchaCmd (all versions) missing from online docs context menu

    Sencha Cmd version(s) tested:

    Doc links missing for all versions.

    Sencha documentation is missing from context menu of online...
  8. I just noticed that Ext.grid.column.Template overrides updateCell() and sets cell.innerHtml rather than just overriding defaultRenderer() so probably Ext.grid.column.Action and...
  9. Touch version tested:

    Touch 2.3.0
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 28.0
    DOCTYPE tested against:

  10. I think someone is working on this. I've requested an example repo for NodeJS extdirect and also logged some security issues that I think are being addressed. (Note: ampro=tohagan).
  11. Hit this same issue today so I wrote a simple override that preserves the delayed firing behavior but checks for eventFiringSuspended first.

    Ext.define('YourApp.ux.OverrideSegmentedButton', {...
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    TouchTreeGrid rocks! :D ... It's so *badly* needed for Touch.
    This control opens up many new touch app possibilities.

    I'm likely to need to load a very large tree (25,000+ rows) which I'd...
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    Thanks Brian ... Your contribution is very much appreciated.
  14. Sencha tech support provided the final answer for me on this one (Thanks Kevin ~o)) ...
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    Just a "heads up" that the latest edition of IDEA IntelliJ 12.1 now provides debugger support for Typescript (and Coffeescript) via Sourcemaps.

    Sourcemaps are files that map source files and line...
  16. Probably the main reason I've avoiding using SA on 'real' projects is that I invariably hit a place where I must key in some adhoc JSON or JS text.

    I may have prepared this in a text editor...
  17. Frequently I'm adding a Sencha project in the context of a very specific folder structure. Having another unnecessary level of folder structure forced on me is very annoying.

    Can we please just...
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    This code sample may provide some clues ... It's probably written for ExtJS ...
  19. Yes that's what I'm doing as I stated in the Steps to Reproduce.

    Compass compiles all *.scss files so app.scss compiles just fine (and includes the @import breakme.scss) but then fails when it...

    Ext version tested:

    ST 2.1.1
    Sencha Cmd

    Can't find a way to build when app.scss is using @import with an import file containing macros.
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    Just init your Ext.Direct API in Application's constructor and it'll be fine.

    FYI ... I found that this solution triggered another (rather worrying) exception in my ST 2.1.1 app ...

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    And hopefully for Touch 2.2 as well?

    A security feature wish of mine is that I use use plain AJAX or whatever to do login authentication and then only permit loading the Direct RPC API once...
  23. Posted a bug report and workaround here:
  24. As a workaround for other devs I've attached a "fixed" version of Direct proxy in which I've altered the class name and alias. In this workaround, I've cloned most of the Server.js class code for...
  25. throws "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'getMessage' of null" when server returns an exception event.

    Ext version tested:

    ExtJS 4.1.3 (suspected - not...
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