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  1. It looks like the neutral theme has a broken border-bottom-width for grids with rows.

    Here's the broken line:

    /* line 115,...
  2. It looks like the Summary feature docked top is exactly what I need, but I'm stuck on 4.1.1.Argh.
  3. That won't work for a couple reasons.

    1.) I need the summarization row to appear outside of groups, but still on the grid. There may be groups, but they can't affect the first row.
    2.) No...
  4. I need to add a row beneath the grid headers. The idea is to add summative information in those cells, to provide data about the grid being shown.

    What's the best way to get a single custom row of...
  5. I have an automated test suite which crashes if I do too much store manipulation. I had to break my test suite into multiple files to overcome the memory leak.
  6. I have a simple form using 2.2RC, and on the nexus 4, after a keyboard is shown and hidden, the app does not resize to fit the webview.
  7. This is a crap hack, but it works.

    app.WINDOW_HEIGHT = window.innerHeight;
    setInterval(function () {
    if (app.WINDOW_HEIGHT !== window.innerHeight) {
  8. Attempting to load ads in 2.2b1 causes the entire app to freeze and trigger the "App is not responding. Would you like to close it?" prompt.

    Is there any way I can watch for a WebView resize and...
  9. Generally upgrading ST breaks my application, but I'll see if I can't get it booting to test the ad resize.
  10. I'm trying to add AdMob ads to android.

    When the ad loads, it covers up the bottom of my application. If I switch the orientation, everything re-renders correctly. This must mean that the WebView...
  11. Can you show an example of this?
  12. I have two stores. Store A is backed by localStorage, and has no associations.

    Store B is built in memory, and associates hasMany to Store A. It's an aggregation store.

    Ext.define('B', {
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    A simple app with just a button looks like it works. I'm not sure why my app never loads. I rely on localstorage proxies to load data, so perhaps that is related.
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    I have an Ext.Application which uses Ext.create to instantiate a number of components, which either add components in their constructor() or in their initialize listener callbacks.

  15. If the template isn't dynamic, put all your templates in a single template toggled on and off by a class.

    itemTpl: new Ext.XTemplate("<div class='temp1'>...</div><div class='temp2'...")

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    Has anyone gotten phantomjs selenium tests working with Sencha Touch?

    I can run my cucumber tests with chrome, but if I switch to PhantomJS, it looks like nothing ever loads. The ext components...
  17. I've uploaded my app here. Click on the "Lift!" tab. Tap a week. In ST 2.0.0, these transitions are pretty smooth. In 2.1.0, the transitions cause the entire page to go white and refresh.

    I could...
  18. Throws errors on boot. There's a typo in the sencha-touch-all file (butons) and Ext.Device references which can be removed to allow iOS to boot, but this is awful.
  19. So we have to manually rip out Ext.device to run with phonegap? That seems extremely broken.
  20. I have a nested element. When I try to use the "up" method in the painted listener, I get null when querying for formpanel. When I use getParent() to climb the component chain, the formpanel...
  21. My real scenario has a validation which appears to be stopping the beforesync callback. I'll track it down.

    Regardless, firing 'sync' *always* used to fire the beforeSync event.
  22. Adding a record and syncing triggers beforesync. Editing does not. Full example below. Expected: 2 alerts. Actual: 1 alert.

    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type"...
  23. The list is pretty small, so it seems to be okay. Do you have example of using components in a list/dataview? That's *exactly* what I'm trying to do, and it would be way cleaner if I didn't have to...
  24. listeners:{
    resize: {
    order: 'after'

    Does indeed work to post-process list data.
  25. order: 'after', order: 'current', and order:'before' all fire too early. The list items have not yet been rendered to the dom.

    'after' didn't work, but I thought I would be exhaustive anyway.
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