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  1. Thanks fmoseley, Can you give more detail about sencha touch app can run perfectly on which rendering layout engine ? or Where can I get technical note for it ? Thanks
  2. Hi all,

    I heard that Firefox don't possess a web-kit engine and it is a required of sencha touch.

    Can anyone help to clarify this info ? is it correct and can sencha touch app runs on firefox...
  3. I found that at line 597 in production.js
    if (!currentAsset || asset.version !== currentAsset.version) { updatingAssets.push(asset); } if asset is set update in full, this code does not...
  4. Hi all,

    Anyone help on this?

    In app.json, I set update to full for all resources (js, css), when the app.js is newer than the app.js in localstorage but it doesnt get the new app.js

    I am...
  5. Hi all, can anyone help me on how to show/hide address bar of safari (ios7) when we scroll up/down the page in sencha touch web app? The version I am using is 2.3.0
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    I also want to reset sencha architect too, pls
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