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    github repo ?
  2. Hi guys,

    im testing the new extjs version and found some mistake when in message box configure a large text, is only for the first time, take a look simply example based on "MessageBox" sample...
  3. Any ideas ??

    Now, i go with the simple way ... im creating custom classes like maps.js / analytics.js / foo.js and in the class im use simple load mechanism from remote ...
  4. Hi guys,

    Im rebuilding my old application and and would like to use ext loader to "load" my third party libraries ... for example Google Maps ...

    mmm I imagine something like that ...

  5. Guys, i fix the trouble with opera ...

    and update the override to use the same code of (v. 3.4) ...

    Ext.override(, { onRender: function (container, position) {
  6. Hi guys,

    Im experimenting some kind of trouble with Ext.MessageBox in Ext 3.4 ... when working with animations (animEl) in Google Chrome environment.

    First of all ... im using ext with jquery...
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    i try to be more clearly ...

    yhea .. u r right ... now this css rule exist but exist with 11px size of font ...

    and originally in the default extjs styles is 12px ...

    this is an small fix...
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    you are right this is not a bug is a simple visual fix ...

    this feature will be included in your next version ??

    thks !
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    xtheme-gray-extend define:

    font:normal 11px arial, tahoma, helvetica, sans-serif;
    but, original ext style was 12px of font size ... so the fix is ... :)
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