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  1. Turns out that moving the object about is not a bad way to go. Took some serious tweaking to get the positions right:

    controller.getElementById('flash-image').style.left="-505px"; ...
  2. Hi,

    I have many objects in an animation to which i apply css display block-or-none, which makes them come and go. But none of those objects are animated ... they have no keyframes.

    Now when i...
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    As long as i've got the conch, i'd just like to say that having a pointer to the symbol is better than having no pointer at all, but much better to have pointers to all the objects inside the symbol,...
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    OK, looks like you can add another ID to the symbol instance, and get to the text from there:

    <div id="pxDGyts1j-myNewSymbolInstanceID" class="an-symbol-YXDRymGn an-symbol-container-Q5FA29...
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    Hey thanks, but that much i got from the docs.

    I am hoping to get at objects inside a symbol, so that i can replace those objects with other objects.

    Specifically, i am trying to replace a...
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    Apparently object IDs are lost when an object is wrapped in a symbol. I was planning to replace a text string in a symbol via javascript in properties->timeline->actions->start ......
  7. just in case anyone was interested in this besides moi, remember that the ID assigned to an image object in the IDE points at a <div>. The image itself is contained within another <div>, inside that...
  8. Please note that i do not plan to use IDE x & y IMG position values for production code. I'm told that


    ... is the standard approach for this if they...
  9. > I was under the impression that you were asking about a static object that does not have any keyframe animation applied to it.

    That was true of my simple image-swap test. Ultimately the...
  10. Thank you very much for all of that.

    I have been having a great time with the Animator, and hope someday to know what i'm doing in there.

    My current theory about the not-found translate3D...
  11. Hello,

    I am slowly finding my way around the Animator.

    I can replace an image in a running animation via javascript, and position the new image where the original image was located with this:
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