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  1. See the thread
    that solves the multiple subitems case with an extended XmlReader.
  2. Bumping this thread - I need to get grids working in Safari for Mac. It looks like the grid cells and heading text are not being resized to fit the container whereas the heading separator bars are...
  3. These attributes seem to work inside a tag except for hide. At least in 1.1.
    I'd like to be able to set autoDismiss false for one or two large tooltips so people have time to read them.
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    You are close - yes I think you want to create a separate grid for each panel.
    The grid itself isn't the heavyweight, it's the data, so not much point in only having a single grid,
    even if you...
  5. One possible solution:
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    If I understand what you want correctly, create each tab in two phases:

    Phase 1 is called for all tabs once from onReady() and just creates the outer tab contents - maybe a ContentPanel or in...
  7. The same problem occurs using Safari on Mac - see screenshot snippet.
    The grid column heading spacer bars are in the wrong place, the text headings are correct.
    Note the red "T" at the right side...
  8. I have a similar problem with an applet embedded in a dialog window that I am trying to use for multiple file selection/drag and drop. I get the same error as you did when I try and call an applet...
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    This gets a particular grid cell DOM node (not mine, I copied this from Animal's post in

    Ext.DomQuery.selectNode("#" + gridId + " .x-grid-viewport...
  10. Still trying to figure out why this doesn't work for me in IE6 (OK in FF
    My code to find label elements:

    // get element for form label
    function getLabelEl(label) {
    var labels =...
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    Depending on your selection model (row or cell selection) you can check whether the cell is selected in the renderer and if it is selected then don't change cell.css.
  12. I am interested in this also. So far the best I have been able to implement is
    a custom grid cell renderer that displays the cell as a div with a tooltip (I use dynamic drive tooltip script), but...
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    Pointer to solution in another thread:
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    I suggest starting here:

    I assume you already tried:

    It does take some head scratching...
  15. Interesting - I had only tested QuickTips on form labels in FF (they work OK), but I just tried it in IE6 and the QuickTips do not appear on labels. In IE6 they do appear on things like...
  16. Here's a brute force approach that searches for a label element with the appropriate text -
    obviously if you have duplicate labels you need to differentiate somehow.
    Also it's a linear search so if...
  17. Just to answer my own question - you can work around this using transparent gifs. To avoid a halo effect around the non-transparent section the antialiasing needs to be done with the expected...
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    I just got this working today for my special case.
    Extended the XmlReader per Animal's original post to allow a mapping function
    and my Reader config to return an array of strings is:

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    Where does this VirtualGrid functionality stand? Is the code in Bill's post from March 19th the place to start or is there a later version anyplace? Any issues using it with 1.1rc1?

  20. I think you can add a 'cellselect' or 'selectionchange' event handler to grid events so that when you click for example and the selection changes you can call the render function for a particular...
  21. I suggest replacing your data store and column model with those from one of the grid examples that gets data from a file or memory to verify your grid is working ok, then gradually change things back...
  22. Er, javascript scope is not my strong suit but I'm guessing either just grid or framework.myApp.grid.
  23. I think you need to have two levels of store - one that contains the entire caboodle (maybe read via Ajax via HttpProxy)
    and another one that just contains your displayed data and uses a MemoryProxy...
  24. Which end is giving the error - the Ext end or the Servlet?
    Can you see/trace what the servlet receives?
    Maybe try xmlData: '<xmlstring>' or postData: '<xmlstring>' in the load call
  25. Check out Ext.grid.CellSelectionModel in the docs.

    In your renderer, you can interrogate the selectionModel:

    function myrenderer(val, meta, rec, row, col, store) {
    var gsm =...
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