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  1. Use onWidgetAttach instead:

    onWidgetAttach: function(column, button, record) {
    var me = this,
    scope = me.origScope || me,
    menuItems = me.menuItems || me.getMenuItems;
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    You could start with followings:
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    Is possible override class util.Floating? I dont have problem with util.Positionable however when I try override function _onAlignToScroll original function is called.

  4. Use config options :o) However you still can use store property because grid isnt initialized so = new; solve your problem.
  5. Do you have any reason use setStore function inside initComponent before view initialization? Just a question. I agree there is bug on the line
    viewConfig = me.viewConfig; which should be replaced...
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    OK I found the problem in UI we use on the menu. Here is example if anyone needs solve similar issue:

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    Does anybody successfully solved the problem when you use menu item as plupload button to browse files on touch devices in Chrome browser?

    What I currently did:
  8. Hi Phil, at first this ticket successfully fixed the issue.
    No there is no touch screen just touch mouse -
    Depends on Chrome - sometimes it...
  9. Hard to say.. i see problem in chrome because other browsers works well. Hybrid devices (laptop with touchscreen) works well too so it really looks like chrome badly detect these devices from...
  10. Hotfix

    afterlayout: function(cmp) {
    if (cmp.initialized) {
    cmp.initEditor(); //layout error

    Edit 1: Does not work in IE
  11. Is there any workaround for this issue? Ive very similar problem - when you have datefield and html editor in same formpanel, when I click on datefield it almost looks like the height of html editor...
  12. Do you have any update on this bug? Maybe point where to start would be great. I can spend few hours with debugging.
  13. When you check the header of this thread there is no ticket number. I think override will be much faster until Sencha fix the bug in nigthly. I didnt test it but you can start with something like:
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    Because described workaround does not work for me I fixed the issue with following override:

    renderTpl line:

    ' href="{href}" role="menuitem" ' +
    replace with

    ' href="{href}"<tpl...
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    Any news on this issue until I made override for menu item? The issue is reproducible in Chrome 42.0.2311.90 m. At first menu works like a charm. At second click URI is set to empty hash.
  16. Hi Gary,

    the problem isnt in previous ticket which was already fixed in nigtly. There is another issue linked with touch device. The error is reproducible in Chrome only. When I compare the code...
  17. I wanted test Seb's example and get following error:

  18. I've found serious problem for everyone who run ExtJS in Metro IE. When you click on any text-field viewport scroll up and ExtJS create blank space between software keyboard and bottom border of the...
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    Do you plan any changes in hierarchy in modern toolkit? E.g. fields should be under form folder?
  20. Hi,

    I use Ext
    The problem is already reported as bug
    You can simply compare Advanced DataView...
  21. Temporary fixed with:
    Ext.define('App.overrides.view.NavigationModel', {
    override: 'Ext.view.NavigationModel',
    focusItem: function(item) {
    if (this.view.focusable) {
  22. In regards to thread I tried disable focusable behaviour on dataview. All browsers except Internet Explorer 11 works fine. First I though the...
  23. Any idea why focusable mixin does not work in IE 11? Same configuration works fine in Chrome / Firefox.
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    Is possible release this fix in beta channel? What I see from there isnt any beta version. Thanks in advance

    Edit: Is this fix in latest nightly ?
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    I'm not sure if the error is in framework or Cmd but with two latest versions of Sencha Cmd I get wrong localization in production build.

    Currently I know about 2 errors:

    config: {
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