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    locking first column of cfgrid

    <cfgrid name="GradeBookgrid"
  2. "extjs 3.0 grid" cell context menu by right clicking

    Can you give me an example on how to use cell context menu in extjs 3.0 grid by right clicking the cell.
    I know about the row context menu. I have a grid whose data is pulled from an sql pivot...
  3. how to make the gid locking-grid example editable

    How to make the following example editable (editable grid) ?

    I would like to use this example but I need my grid to be also...
  4. How to use ext.grid.gridpanel with coldfusion 9 (editable grid)

    How to use ext.grid.gridpanel with coldfusion 9 (editable grid)

    I need also to freeze columns as in the following example
    implementing the example ...
  5. how to use Ext.grid.GridPanel, Ext.ux.grid.LockingColumnModel in cfgrid

    I need to implement the following example to coldfusion

    with colfusion.grid.getobject
    I would like to freeze columns and use...
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