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  1. Actually it is present - i didnt realize card layout is an attribute of container!
    Thank you so much for your help - I was able to get it to work with cardlayout

  2. Thanks, I will try it out. Interestingly, I do not see "Card Layout" anywhere in Sencha Architect - so looks like I will have to create it manually outside of the architect.
  3. I have a need to navigate to another view without back button showing in the new view.
    So basically I want to replace the current view with another view (imagine a login panel - when user logs in, i...
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    The nl3 example zip fails to open with architect 2.1 (it asks to upgrade the xds but then crashes with errors)
    Could someone post a nested list sample zip that works with architect 2.1?

  5. Hi

    I am using the Sencha Architect to create the citybars sample application.
    It works fine on the chrome browser, however, when i try to deploy it on an android or ios simulator, it gives an...
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