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  1. Thanks for the help again.

    To my knowledge, I've only called sencha generate app once (for this example, it was just sencha generate app , sencha app build)

    In any case, are those comments...
  2. I see, that was the index from generate app. (I didn't think we'd want to make changes to the index generated since you'd need to do that each time it was generated, right?)

    To avoid a really...
  3. Nope. The index generated was what I pasted above.

    I realized I didn't put the cmd version: Sencha Cmd v4.0.0.203
    (it seems to be the latest version from the website -...
  4. Thanks for the reply.

    I think that I'm missing something, so I apologize - I don't see <x-compile> or <x-bootstrap> comments in the generated index file. Did you add those?

    This is the index...
  5. Yes. I have it downloaded locally.

    I was hoping to avoid a mix up of two build processes (like sencha/brunch)
  6. I would like to include other libraries, such as Underscore.js -

    What is the recommended way that I can do this so it consistently works with 'sencha web start' and 'sencha app build'?

  7. Hello,

    I'm attempting to do a build with sencha cmd on a Sencha Touch 2.1 project (I didn't see an alternate Cmd forum so please let me know if another forum should be used)

    When I attempt...
  8. Ugh, so this was difficult, but I found a solution:

    name: 'swipeTest',
    //change the default recognisers
    eventPublishers: {
    touchGesture: {
  9. Hello,

    Is it possible to use the swipe recognizer on other components than the list?

    I found this fiddle: that allows me to swipe on a container, but it...
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    Thanks for the quick reply.

    That gave me what I think I needed to continue.
  11. Replies

    How can one reorder items in an hbox?

    Specifically, if there was a panelA and panelB added (both with flex of 1) (so A is left B is right)

    How could one switch the order of...
  12. Hi,

    Is it possible to use an ExtJS 4 component in a Sencha Touch 2 project?

    If so, would anyone have any thoughts how it might be done?

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    Hi Guys,

    So, we've had a couple concerns about the UX of the DatePicker.

    Specifically, if you click on the DatePicker, it shows the picker at the bottom, but doesn't give an indication of...
  14. Hello,

    Is there a built-in way to have the a store sort with null values at the end, instead of at the top of the list?

    I've gotten around this by defining a custom sortFn, but this can get...
  15. Thanks Mitchell!

    I'm not sure how to mark these both as correct, but I'd rather give you the credit. whatever works ;)

    The issue is that the objects sent from the third party library (forcetk...
  16. Hello,

    I was having an issue similar to this for another project, although I'm unsure if its the same issue.

    Could you explain what problem you're trying to solve by having one store sort...
  17. I suppose I'll trace through to see where the association is trying to look for data.

    (One solution that seems to work for now is to simply have a 'parseChildren' method that is defined on the...
  18. Hello,

    Could anyone point where I could learn more how models could be configured to use javascript objects that already exist.

    We use a third party library for data retrieval (to...
  19. Thanks you guys!

    I actually was about to reply to Mitchell earlier that I was not getting an error, other than the screen was still white.

    I've been playing around with a local weinre install...
  20. So it turns out there were three problems:

    The code above had 'fullscreen:true' in the list
    The height property was not set.
    The list must be defined in a separate component, and loaded in...
  21. Thanks RWaters!

    Unfortunately, we tried this, and it seems that there is a complication, as that works correctly with setOptions, and does not work with the 'options' config.

    Such as the...
  22. Hello,

    I'm having an odd issue where a new Android project doesn't load sencha touch 2 correctly, and I was curious what options anyone might suggest on how to debug the loading process?

  23. Hello,

    I was curious if it was possible to show 'holding text' within a select field?

    Essentially a text shown in the select field if no selection has been made

    In other words, if no...
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    Just in case this is helpful to anyone, we found a different solution, that seems to work fairly well for our purposes (until DragTarget is implemented).

    Using the 'draggable' behavior on list...
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    the apparent config properties available:

    element: (mixed) - the element to apply the draggable to (used by Ext.get - so element or string accepted for instance)

    listeners : (Object)...
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