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    I'm interested too...

    I wanna put an id for each single menu-item... how can i achive this?

    Maybe I have to override the render function of the menu?
  2. Does anyone find a solution to this problem?

    Maybe... we can use TextMetrics uitlity class to compute the dimensions of each cell value?

    But how?
  3. Hi, i'm also interested in your issue.

    Can you post your solution?

    How do you use the class TextMetrics? Can you post an example?


  4. I think that a toggle selection will be the best solution....
    what do you think?
  5. Try here:
  6. Hi,
    try to put two or more editable grid in a page.
    In my project, doing this:
    1) start edit a field on the first table
    2) with the edit field still "in-edit-mode", star edit a field on the...
  7. is this the same bug?
  8. Bump!
  9. Confirm... i've the same behavior.
    I think it is a bug.
  10. You have to override the original method.
    For example:

    Ext.extend(Ext.grid.MyGridView, Ext.grid.GridView, {
    layout : function(){
  11. Work also for me. Thanks Condor!
  12. bump
  13. test case on this post:
  14. thanks aconran for the reply.

    Try to provide a test case. Go into the Editor Grid Example and modify the editor for the 'common' column from TextField to TextArea.
    Set also the grow property for...
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    ppolyzos, condor solution fix the problem?
    I'm getting a similar problem here:

  16. Sorry... i'm a newbie on forum posting...

    i'm sorry but this don't resolve the problem... when the textarea grow down to fit the text typed it goes under the paging toolbar... this seems a...
  17. yes, but this resolve the problem of this thread
    and not the textarea problem.

    thanks for the reply
  18. Anyone has a solution to this problem?
  19. Also try to set:

    viewConfig: {
    autoFill: true

    on the grid setup.
    You can see "in action" on the paging grid example:...
  20. If an user resize a column, he can't, at the same time, edit a field. So, you can fix with:

    grid.on('columnresize', StopEditGrid, this);

    StopEditGrid: function(){
  21. Ok, condor's css fix seems to resolve the problem... but not completely. Infact on FF i've to focus 2 time an editable cell before start edit...
    This post explain best the problem:...
  22. Searching for a solution I've also noticed that with autoHeight: true the grid not handle the windowresize... and no scrollbar (orizontal) appear if the grid overflow the window size.
    This is due...
  23. No one?
  24. KevinChristensen explained best the problem... same bug... also for me only in FF.

    Any suggestion?
  25. sorry for the duplicated post... this solution resolve the problem but... the first time I click on the cell to start edit the grid scroll back on the first column and no editor appear...then I...
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