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  1. Yes, I finally solved the problem excatly the same way.
    But in my opinion there must/should be a better method to do it... Only the loading icon should be visible.
  2. Hi micgala,

    Thank for your answer, indeed, i've already override hasChildren method and it works nice :
    I have an element with a folder icon, but without children (they have been detected as...
  3. Hello,

    I have a TreePanel with some static elements and other elements that must be dynamically loaded.
    So I want to detect the BeforeExpand event on each parent in order to load their children....
  4. Thanks for your response !

    I've find out where the problem was !
    The Layout chain was broken in one Widget...

    I understand the principle of the layout but i had not seen the bug before, my app...
  5. Hello,

    I'm often suprized when i see that my ContentPanel gets a 100px (sort of default value, I don't know) height when I put a FitLayout on its parent (who have actually a 100% height)...
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    No, the parent widget is not a LayoutContainer neither a ContentPanel, it's a GWT Composite... so I can't use the layout system.
    And that's why a asked this question : is it not recommended to mix...
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    I have a problem when trying to apply a 100% height to a widget (a LayoutContainer in this case).
    This LayoutContainer has a FitLayout layout and it's contained in a GWT widget with a height...
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